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Superbowl Sunday Go Hawks

12th ManI’ve watched American football since the ’80’s when it was first screen on Channel 4.The passion Washingtonians have for their team is quite amazing.We ¬†were downtown the night before the semis and you really could feel the excitement in the air.

The whole place was 12th man obsessed but I think this little yard was my fav expression.

Old barn and more experiments

One of the new thing I like about our space is just that-space.

I like to be untidy especially in the place that I create.Finding stacks of discarded printed images from hubby’s experiments give me a fresh group of subjects for my muse.

I equally dislike trashing really expensive metallic prints which are not up ” to scratch”. I’m pretty sure this is a start of a Christmas series of postcards for this year but ever ‘The deadliest sin” is a place to explore opportunities. I hand made the stencils with my favorite set of alphabet punches.Metallic image over gesso

Time to focus

It’s finally arrived Fall.

This is my favorite time of year.As the daughter of a teacher,an educator and a life long student for me this is a time of renewal.Mainly lifted by all that Vitamin D from the long summer days it’s a time to evaluated the yard, start the physical work of planting after the summers long dry spell in preparation for next summer’s long evening’s on the porch.Planning to bring more opportunities for our residents hummingbirds while balancing our stags high energy needs.Turns out my strawberries are doing just fine in the long dry spell they just need some energy ! I’ve grown native grasses which are now ready to plant out in the damp conditions.Expanding habitats is a slow but pleasurable pastime.

Fall is also a time for proposal’s,networking ideas and above all moving forward.




Sky Church

I have no idea who made this name but I will forever be grateful to Mr Allen and his family for all that they do keep the beat alive.

I will spend a while pulling out some of the moments of this weekend but safe to say I’m happy,grounded and have so many more stories to tell.

As ever the bartender makes the most difference to any girls day.Thank you.


So Wednesday sees me walking in the mall I catch up with “The Hive Mind”.This wonderful group of women have been my source of knowledge, companionship and at times very loud laughter.

Today a frequent face stopped by to give us some encouragement.Mickey is 92 and walks every week as she has done for many years.Her advice to me I was doing the right thing walking,talking and running errands.

This wonderful insight and listening to John the post clerk telling me just how wonderful it was to hear Macca in the intimate setting of Safeco field reinforced that I do live here now.That and my son passing his drive test on the wrong side of the road.

Hot in the Evergreen State

WP_20130626_010People think of Seattle as a grey place but in really the climate is much like London.

July means the Artsfair in Bellevue. An annual event which has happened for the last 67 years.Fair opens on Friday.I’ll be up at 6.30 on Thursday to help be load in assistant.I’ll be greeting the early artists and being a friendly face.I’ll also be around at load out on Sunday.In between times I be giving tours at the museum.

I bumped into Mandy Greer and her partner Paul today cheerfully saying they will be working 5am to 5pm to finish their installation.Now that what I call team work.