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So what does I mean for me to be retired.I’m not longer in clinical practice but I still have all my nursing skills and the pleasure of watching people and places grow,develop and survive.

I’m happy to do this with Grumpy and Lumpy the most.This Is one of the perfect ways I Like to spend a Sunday afternoon at this time of year.Chauffeured to 6,700 ft for a 20 minutes stroll to enjoy the Alpine Meadows at Sunrise with this view.

Sourdough Trail




30 Days with a difference.

A long while back I did a 30 days of crafting experiment.I learn to make things in series from that.For this 30 day challenge I’m going to kick this website.A post every day.Sometimes it may be just an image, sometimes a reflection,maybe a sketch book piece.

Blogging take me ages. The dyslexia really emerges when I’m trying to get ideas down,journaling works better as phonics just don’t matter quite(unedited quiet) so much.Pictures always say more than words.Music always put the whole thing together-hence I’ll add music clips as well.

So that’s the plan and off we go……..

The tree pics

This installation will become part of Mandy Greer's arch at the Bellevue Arts Fair

John and Yoko two wishing trees from Yoko Ono’s installation last winter at BAM.I first thought to connect the trees but am now aware we have young deer,racoons and birds in the area  so will wrap the tree rather than catch the wildlife.

Hoping to finish more sections while on docent duty at BAM today.

Happy Birthday WordPress and The Porch

By the people for the people has to be congratulated.

Anyway back in the quiet winter days of my blog I gained two new trees for my yard.They had spent the winter as Wishing Trees at the Bellevue Arts Museum.Many people had left positive thoughts on them and rumor has it that the tags went to Yoko for an installation she was creating in Iceland.The trees were nick named John And Yoko.This was not anthropomorphic but a way to identify which trees need attention in the yard.

John did not fair too well (spring wind got to him but with the addition of so bark a few weeks ago is making a good recovery and making leaves.

Everyone seems to need to get to Iceland these days including Seattle artist Mandy Greer and my good friend H.

Upon Mandy’s return she learnt that her proposal to celebrate BAM’s 60th anniversary arch has been accepted.

So I have opened up my porch for community crafty creations and hope to make enough pieces to connect John and Yoko.

The creations will have to be tree wraps to bring with as the deer and local birds could be at risk.

All this needs to be complete but June 30th.So share the word and join the fun.




London 1924

Click on the blue text to run video.

I was born in this city and this is a stunning piece of footage.My Grandad worked in the docks and would have been 10 when this was filmed.My Dad drove a bus and later a London Cab.We spent many hours just walking along the Thames and people watching.

A New Year

The New Year still sees me settling into our new home,routine and studio space.Enjoying making new family traditions and holding onto some older ones to.I managed to wear down my old laptop so have a new machine and Windows 8 to explore.

I’ll be travelling to Montreal in late March and am looking for some opportunities to make art while I’m visiting.I have an altered book class again this month.Hopefully we’ll have enough people to run it this time around.



So I’m all for encouraging people to explore fiber.My friends in the LXC  flagged up this project hosted by the Urban Threads company.

It’s very similar to the The Toy Society project but seems more current.Anyway over a quiet weekend I’ve had great fun creating these critters and hope their new owners gain as much fun from them as I had hand-making them.

Giving Bunny Project

Strange times

So I have been swapping handmade creations for 3 years.One group I swap with are hosted by Cut Out and Keep. I’ve been requested to be a featured member and my piece will published on Jan 7th.

I’ve been hanging out with Natalie ,a very talented lady and we have been exploring paper-cloth.Natalie reminded me that net makes an amazing addition.

We’ve been exploring the creative Mojo and I have a new one to my tactile collection.


Introducing Poppy : Yellow is my  chee colour.The poem is just perfect too.