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It’s finally raining in Seattle ! 82 days with no measurable precipitation in England we would have called it a drought and worried about hose pipe bans.In the Pacific North West we celebrate high alpine meadows that sometimes never see the  sun from year to year.

So I ‘ve just hosted my first altered book board class and it fun.My homework is below and I’m looking forward to sharing more techniques in future class at Bellevue Art and Frame.

The background is a paper-cloth piece from a workshop the text reads “Freedom”.The book is a work in process and as yet untitled but has a fall theme.


New Toys

So I have been playing with a new toy and having some fun.

We are just back from our 20th wedding anniversary road trip and enjoyed journal ling along the way.I also played with ipad sketching and these two images really sum up our trip.It was great to see so many otter pups with their mother hang out just about everywhere  we looked.Although this composition is a little generous but we did see a pod of dolphins in the Bay under the bridge just as the America’s cup teams where starting their races.

Did I say cold ?

OK so we swapped the cold for heat and I haven’t been able to plant for fear things would just dry out.Yesterday afternoon it was 90 in the shade on the deck.

The dark grey and mustard studio space is going to need a makeover.Any spare paint will go to the garage wall.

All change

My studio is in boxes and in two days we move .

Time to rewrite my intro as I’ll be swapping my Lake/Seattle view for twice  as much studio space and more of a plateau,mountains and on a good day volcano.

I know my art will probably take a turn too as I’ll be able to work in the garden for the first time in four years.We have the coldest June for over 20 yrs and I’m tempted just to jump straight in a plant some of the things I have in pots.

Looking forward to putting down proper roots-literally.


So today was tactile art day.

As ever a fun time sharing and exploring.I have been helping out with the installation of African American quilts at my local museum and this inspired one of our projects today.I really wanted to encourage the group to focus on different media and their application to surfaces.The thing that I took away from the year studying fiber arts is the surface really does matter.How we use that surface as artist gives us an infinite voice and place for expression.

We also took a stroll to the class installation.Four blocks ,three guide dogs and eight artists enjoyed a verbally described and tactile tour.

We also discuss ART the project to be installed at a Seattle housing project.We are planning the biggest braille installation in the world.Now that will be a challenge and a great image to share.

Wow and time to breathe

Yes I’ve been neglecting this space but something things just happen.Recently they have been many fold !

I’m done with the figure making.Thought the next stage would be just so easy but yesterday I was told I’ll be hung next to a John Buck sculpture for the show.I had the absolute privilege meeting John Buck while working his show.

I spent many happy hours just visually exploring his wood cuts and prints.I hope people enjoy the layers of  “Up”