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Keeping On Keeping On

Well the summer is nearly over but I have one last adventure up my sleeve.Something I never ever thought I would do.

As a young child I was bullied but the TV never judged me.I hid in many TV programs.Blue Peter was a fav.Music was always important in my life. One of my favorite orchestra pieces was the theme to Hawaii 5-0.

Next Monday I will be flying into the Big Island with my Hubby to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

F1 Salad bowl


Education Opportunities

I enjoy working with young people in education settings.Making and discussing art are fun opportunities to develop ideas young minds.

I will be working with a goup of multi-lingual students this week and have created small cards for them to take home and share with their famillles in the hope that they can be encouraged to bring them back to the museum and continue the dialogue.


Kidsquest Success

Awesome evening.Great helpers.I I promised the stalkers I would post a paper-cloth how to so will play with that later in the week.

My biggest priority this week will be getting ready for an Artist Amongst Us sharing at BAM. This give me the opportunity to share my work and consider whether I should set up in business.

This year example.

Pilchuck Glass School

img_0296-2I’m just back from Pilchuck Glass School having taken a 4 day residency with Hannah Smith exploring.The class was small and very diverse.Probably my favorite time was Saturday night when we were all rocking out in the print shop.Peeps were on the computers making masks to sand-blast and printing our plates-team work all around.We had a print exchange and created prints to swap.I’m looking forward to finding a place for around our home.

I managed to squeeze  a limited print run with a blended brayer . I also picked the most amazing t-shirt from the store left over from session 2 of this summers classimg_0303-2


Summer 2016 and beach adventures

Yes it has arrived and around me it has been a beautiful spring. I’ve been making memories with a family visit.My parents have been on vacation meaning lots of personal time and no blogging.I have lots of snippets to share. We ventured to the coast and the mountains,To show opening and completed pieces in my own studio.I joined my first swap in a couple of years and just generally have fun and hung out.We discover a new local museum and had an unusual beach find.

WP_20160522_14_45_04_Pro (2)We visited La Push and stayed at Quileute Oceanside resort.A beautiful spot while walking the beach we found this piece below the tide line.The following morning we took the piece to the elders for identification and to be sent to the school as a teaching aid.We’re still waiting for identification.We were really curious as to what it could be.


WP_20160522_14_45_30_Pro (2)WP_20160522_14_46_29_Pro (2)

Arboretum Fun and a Prize

WP_20160215_07_45_43_ProThe annual garden build for the arboretum was fun.Old faces new plants and a bit of a challenge with the lighting set up but all came together to produce an award winning garden.

This is an early set up image upon my arrival on Monday morning.Winning images are available on the Arboretum Foundation Facebook page.

Most of the plants will be for sale at the arboretum post show sale so on Monday I’ll be helping to repot,remove and take the space back to it’s convention center origin oh and remove some of that moss !

Collaborative work

I have shared my studio space with my Mum for the the last six weeks.My health has been a challenge so we had many long hours to fill.Betty is very talented and at 75 still plays a very active role in promoting handcrafts in my nieces school.This time she brought the challenges set by her embroidery guild.

We traded techniques,findings and ideas.The upper sample celebrates learning a new technique exploring solvy ,lots of fine handwork and beading.

The lower piece is titled Memories including a tree to celebrate planting over 300 trees in her life time.Inspired by my tree dress. Solvy and lots of hand-sewing later

Memories including a celebration of planting over 300 trees


For a good while I have wanted to play with metal.Choosing to learn to braze and form metal in the winter in the icy Pacific North West.Anyway I joined Larry Calkin ( all round excellent sage) for a couple of days prior to  going to the UK for a month to visit my folks.Metal assemblage was fun and these are a couple of my favorite pieces.WP_20131102_001


New Class Fun

I overheard a conversation last week.”Teaching means I get to learn so much more”. I had a great time yesterday and am so looking forward to where we go.I love getting a group to write their own syllabus and going with flow.

Time to unpack and structure the next couple of classes.

See writing and teaching who would of thunk it Mr Smart.

Fabric Memory Quilt

Some projects seem difficult to finish.Last year our tactile art group lost two members.To celebrate their lives we made canvas squares which would become a memory quilt to share with their families.

These remained in my studio for a couple of months until I could complete them.It turned out in the the end that I needed to work with another member of the group to find out how we could achieve this. Ezzie and I worked together to create two fiber bundles which she WP_003146has taken to share with the group.I’m very much looking forward to their reaction when we have an art travel to SAM next week.