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Keeping On Keeping On

Well the summer is nearly over but I have one last adventure up my sleeve.Something I never ever thought I would do.

As a young child I was bullied but the TV never judged me.I hid in many TV programs.Blue Peter was a fav.Music was always important in my life. One of my favorite orchestra pieces was the theme to Hawaii 5-0.

Next Monday I will be flying into the Big Island with my Hubby to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

F1 Salad bowl


Intellectual House

This week I attended an event at the Intellectual House at the University of Washington.As a alumni of the fiber arts course I get regular updates of events.The Sacred Breathe series was in it final session and I went along to hear the storyteller specifically.

Barbara Lawrence-Piecuch uses traditional storytelling as a form of teaching for preschoolers to adults. She was raised on the Suquamish Port Madison Indian Reservation, where she continues to live and work. Lawrence-Piecuch serves on the Suquamish Tribal Higher Education Board and is chair of the Suquamish Tribal Elders Council. I found her creation story new and inspiring.

I also received a call for our local Salmon days festival for artists in the same week so will be using the inspiration from to inform my submission.I have no idea if I will be successful in my application but it is time to promote myself as a working artist rather than a hobbyist. I would also very my like to be able to fund my own studies early next year.


“All my bags are packed”

Bellevue Arts Museum March 2017 Artist Among Us

Yep today we start packing for my month long trip to the UK.First leg will be with my graduated son,who has just completed his first of many degrees.

I will be heading back for a family wedding,both my parents birthday and a lot of travelling catching up with friends after celebrating my 50th birthday.I will also be gently exploring studying a Master/PGcert in Humanitarian action and peacekeeping as a distance learning program from Brookes university.I hope this will enable me to teach/ make art in a education environment in the US.

This was my sharing table at BAM docents meeting. As ever it was fun to share my talents with such a diverse group .I did leave the labels off as some of my piece are political.


Kidsquest Success

Awesome evening.Great helpers.I I promised the stalkers I would post a paper-cloth how to so will play with that later in the week.

My biggest priority this week will be getting ready for an Artist Amongst Us sharing at BAM. This give me the opportunity to share my work and consider whether I should set up in business.

This year example.

Gardening success

This week is the annual Pacific Northwest Garden show and this years Arboretum Foundation Garden won a Gold Medal.I got involved chinking moss,cleaning stones and gluing plant labels onto posts.I think after four years of construction I kind of in the grove of working with this team to create an educational inspirational garden.

Inspiration from afar

I always love snail mail and this little bundle of Marimekko cards arrived from E in Norway.The designs are truly inspiring.

Outside the cloud is hanging in the trees and the rain is dripping from the gutters after an icy start to the day.

E tells me she has been listening to Henry Ibsen plays and looking forward to seeing A Dollhouse with her Grandma.I think have things to look forward to helps us so much in the winter-time.

This morning was interesting I attended the walk through for a new show “Future Machine” by Electric Coffin.Due to one of life little quirks we had a power outage and had to do a Q&A by day light in the atrium.I’m look forward to exploring the exhibit in day light tomorrow.

And into 2017

Found the ruler.It was in it’s special place in the tool store I created that hangs down the side of the bookcase but turned at a 90 degree angle so it was hiding with a paint brush.

Yesterday was such a cool one.Yep it was -5c and we were out on the deck looking at the crescent moon,Mars and Venus in the snow.

We walked on Alki Beach in the morning and had lunch at Alki Cafe ( awesome spot). To full too go home we headed up I-90 to Snoqualmie Point Park.The park was full of young families sledging and enjoying themselves.We hiked ( i.e walked across the field to the overlook) it reminded me of Wantage Park.

There was a young couple in their thirties with a very old dog.A big old grey muzzled family friend with a beautiful Fish bandana. He was rolling around in the snow like a puppy eating great mouthfuls.Eventually they asked me to take a photo I was more than happy to capture this moment of family fun.

As I turned away I noticed these hand prints on the wall.They reminded of Steve and my Reinvent adventures in Las Vegas.We saw ancient hand prints on the canyon walls.So I added my hand print.Forget foot prints in the sand in Oxford I’ll be doing hand prints in Seattle this year.




20161003_181618569_iosThe previous post describes my little trip to Port Townsend.One of my favorite little haunts is Wynwoods Gallery and Bead studio.I found this little space needle charm hand cast from the original space needle charm bracelet by Lois Venarchick in Britannium.

Britannia metal (also called britannium or Britannia ware) is a pewter-type alloy favored for its silvery appearance and smooth surface. The composition is approximately and typically 92% tin, 6% antimony, and 2% copper.I had never heard of it before.I love learning new materials so we chatted about how she come to own a shop in Port Townsend and I should be so far from the Britannia.

The space needle charm makes a great addition to my long keyworking necklace.I’m currently deeply involved in research for docent duty tomorrow.The current exhibits include 49 artist representing Metalmorphosis the current biennial at Bellevue Arts Museum.


Four Ferry Day

Loving the bricks

Loving the bricks

Saturday was very special.I got to ride 4 short ferry hops and visit Port Townsend a Victorian little town that can be accessed on foot from the Couperville ferry.Just down the road from our regular short eared owl / marsh harrier spot.We had the company of a Bald Eagle sat in the marsh waiting out the squalls of our first fall winds on our return.

Port Townsend has a fantastic vibe even has it’s own Steampunk scene.There was a kinetic sculpture hat festival going on in the morning and some amazing sculptures passed us on our way into town.I love the combination of stores and vintage galleries where I can collect new bits and bobs.My best buy was 2 for a dollar vintage match boxes for my Day of the Dead pieces.

We found an honesty child’s wagon full of Victorian bottles on the street.In the early days people buried their rubbish in pits and some very enterprising local now digs them up and sells them for two dollars a go.I choose 2 iridescent and one advertising Bartell our local pharmacy.As a child we collected clay pipes from Pitsea an area that gets it’s name I always think as being down river from London on the Thames estuary.We rarely found similar glass bottles but rarely whole bottles.They are currently in the process of being cleaned and I’ll share when the process is complete.