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Gentle Sharing

WP_20160529_13_10_43_ProWith my Mum’s arrival in the studio she returned a piece she had started last year.

I have a small 6×4 beaded piece which sits in my studio- which I mention in a precious post regarding Zentangles. It was easy to grant her request for a piece of fabric and accessed some of the many beads she has donated to my space and let her have a go.Her hand stitching is currently better than mine but her eye-sight means she can only work in small batches.

In the last couple of weeks we have learnt that one of my husband’s photographic mentors has passed.We like to think he took the iconic pictures of Steve in front of the combine harvester on his Pallouse workshop with Art Wolfe.Steve has become the unpaid poster child for this course it appears regularly in photographic magazines.We all love this image but Steve learnt the magic phrase.”Good image but what does it mean ? ”

The description of this piece from Mum was that” this Deb in the heart of the Rockies with all the layers of the mountains around her”.Once we established that I’m in the heart of the cascades with a bit of a giggle we settle on this interpretation. This piece has returned back to England with her in a small purse I made for her.

Georgetown Steam Plant

An arty friend gave me a heads up to this little treasure just at the bottom of the runaway of Boeing field. Georgetown steam plant provided power for Seattle’s early tram system.This area is not always great at retaining old historical buildings but this one has found a place  in the hearts of engineers and believe it or not filmmakers.It’s only open once a month to the public but is well worth the visit. has details.

I’m a Steampunk freak and so I just fell in love with the dial and this old elevator.Images will be included in a future Steampunk pieces.



WP_20160514_11_27_22_ProThere were great engineering buffs on hand to share their engines.I love talking to these guys.They know their stuff and are so happy to share my simple questions.




Someone said aperture

Wow Daniel Smith really pulled the cat out of the bag today.I went to an excellent lunch time session by

We covered lots on how to document or “digitizing your art” interesting content and as ever a fascinating audience.

I met Kate of at the check out  .We chatted about is not where my talents lay but I was interested in the mending of costumes at Port Nisqually that I can do with confidence.

What’s next ?

I enjoyed the 21 day challenge but found it hard to fit into my fairly empty diary.I’ve been wanting to explore hand work on sari silk purses and as I type there are two foundations on my desk.This has been good preparation for the next challenge.

Paint over it Day 14

WP_20150317_11_14_05_Pro (2)Confession here-I had already made these white hearts a year ago.During the early stages of  preparing to go the UK to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding anniversary.They ended up in my stash waiting for the right moment until today. The white paper is actually paper cloth.The remains of a project that ended up being published internationally.I really like to put layers of memory in my pieces.

When I paint a background if there are words that fit the page I really like to use them.Forget where I learned that technique but is a favorite on especially on ATC’s



Inchies revisited

I have been described this week as the Inchie queen by one of the members of the online community The Extraordinary League of Crafters.One way to make a girls day.This batch was made for our New Year swap.Upper batch are paper ( grocery bags a personal favorite-thift store stamps,wax crayons and a hybrid ink stamp) The” Take a Chance” stamp was a purchased for a class project back in the day.A nice link to the fabric inchies is that the blue flowers are from my fav teaching blouse.More layers of meaning.Have to confess I’ve been musing around making fabric handstitched inchies for a while.It was nice to have the opportunity to make these for Laura my swap partner especially as we negotiated to make them 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch just lets them be a bit more juicy.

10933731_10205841518781777_5310806733475591707_n (2)


WP_20150109_16_01_23_Pro (2)


Halloween goodies

Mushroom by Mischevious Raven

Mushroom by Mischevious Raven


Now that is a strange title.My package has arrived from Mysterious Raven.The mushroom will fit perfectly on the tree dress.The banner will work well on the porch.We are having high windstorms so will be dressing the deck at the last minute this year..

Orange and Black

So October brings a traditional swap.I love working with Orange and Black.I have small stash for this time of year.

This year my swap partner is in the UK so I’ve crafted swiftly and made it to the mail box today.Yes another wee teaser is required.Orange

Happygram Teaser

For a long while I’ve participated in Happygrams through a website called Cut Out and Keep. Happygrams are small packages of craftyness aimed at brightening someone’s day. I also currently host the Vet V Newbie Swap.We currently have a Postcard Swap which is open to all.

Happygram Teaser

Garden of Artful Delights

I spent last week volunteering and docenting a Ginny Ruffner inspired garden at the Pacific North West Garden show.The garden was created by the Arboretum Washington foundation.I got to work with Bob,Phil and Rhonda the designers over the week and indeed it really did take a village to pull it off.Ginny visited for the installation of the glass and I learned some new techniques.

It was very busy and fun.I learnt to wire glass,how a show garden is constructed.I helped Phil install part of the garden while ducking hanging glass pieces.I learnt a lot about bog gardens in Canada.

We have new shrubs,bulbs and trees for the yard,a large metal heart which is just below my studio window at the base of a cedar tree.Most treasure of all is the pond liner which will be installed in our garden ,maybe one day we will grow dragonflies here.Handy work