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The gift of words

So for me writing that makes sense is always a challenge.For this reason anyone who can write poetry I really respect and admire.
I’ve mentioned Happygrams before and yesterday received this beautiful poem and orb web spider created by Lo.I’m currently creating a mixed media forest setting so have been making tree bark.I burnt rather too large of a hole in the charring process so can now make this a focal point using Lo’s spider.It adds another story to the piece which in time I will share.

Awesome weekend

Just back from Olympic pennisular.Stayed a Kalaloch lodge would highly recommend as excellent location for beach walks and access to the area.Visited the Hoh Rainforest and had the privilege of sharing the Hall of Moss with Art Wolfe.
The Barred Owl was beautiful.Sunning itself in the glade.It became attentive to the under growth mantled .Popped it’s head up to give a full view of the rodent that was to be it’s afternoon snack.Moved, pooped and then Art got busy teaching just how to take pictures of this beautiful bird.
Douglas squirrels were foraging for pine cones in the undergrowth then perching on moss covered logs in the deep shade.
There was a brief bald eagle fly by.Turned out we had seen the end of their mating dive.


So one of the questions that I get asked is what inspires me.Nature is one of the key things.Birds and their specific habitats.Woodland shade.Wildflowers clinging to island cliff faces with otters hunting in the tidal races below and frogs singing their evening choruses are all thing that make me feel that it’s good to be around.

To this end I’m currently undertaking a Master Naturalist training with my local council to increase local awareness of our environment.