Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer 2016 and beach adventures

Yes it has arrived and around me it has been a beautiful spring. I’ve been making memories with a family visit.My parents have been on vacation meaning lots of personal time and no blogging.I have lots of snippets to share. We ventured to the coast and the mountains,To show opening and completed pieces in my own studio.I joined my first swap in a couple of years and just generally have fun and hung out.We discover a new local museum and had an unusual beach find.

WP_20160522_14_45_04_Pro (2)We visited La Push and stayed at Quileute Oceanside resort.A beautiful spot while walking the beach we found this piece below the tide line.The following morning we took the piece to the elders for identification and to be sent to the school as a teaching aid.We’re still waiting for identification.We were really curious as to what it could be.


WP_20160522_14_45_30_Pro (2)WP_20160522_14_46_29_Pro (2)