Back to school

Yes I do !So I Love Pilchuck.

There’s no two ways about it.One of the few images of me on this blog is standing at the entrance last year. I’ve talked the talk walked the walk through glass exhibits in my last 5 yrs as a docent at BAM. I’ve brought gift of books and day trip’s to Chihuly’s exhibits in London.I even watch them build their own museum.Glass is about team work.Moving forward and creating but within a community.

I spent last sunny Sunday at the School.I parked the young master in the concessionary,hubby in the hot shop and just enjoyed the day.

We watched as Raven created a humpback whale from blown glass.The only one of the whale species to allude us.The team worked around him at the gaffer’s station then after 3 hrs it just didn’t make it.In a moment it was an incomplete larger unformed drop on the end of a blow pipe.Off it went to the recycling bin.

In the next few moments I realized that the guy that had been sitting next to me for the last hour was at the main stage glory hole.You can just see his red shirt peeking through the gaffs arm.

Watching,learning and celebrating among friends what better way to spend a day.

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