Thrift store finds

LegacySo over the last fortnight I’ve been travelling, creating and shopping !

There are a few thing to catch up with but the first I’d like to share was a rather sad thrift shore find.

We were passing through La Conner in the hours before the Superbowl final and just had time to pop into one of my fav thrift stores.La Conner has a quilt museum and many fine seamstresses and it’s always worth checking out their fabric stash.

I found 4 gallon sized bags stuffed with high quality left overs.On closer examination one bags held 49 completed square and 24 uncut squares.Each completed square was perfect and hand pressed.I’m pretty sure a very talented person has passed and I’m the beneficiary of their quilting talents.

So today when I’ve finished blog updates and got bored of trying to clear the “ephemera” on my desk I’l have ago at piecing the quilt and seeing how far I can get.

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