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One of my favorite things about living near Seattle is the access we have to the great outdoors.For us weekend fun is packing the car in January and going tent camping in search of owls.I remember once sharing jaffa cakes with Colin Prior knowing that this was a man that would hike for hours just to get the right light on a Scottish wilderness.Art Wolfe’s workshops start pre dawn in the Palouse. Andy Rouse travels the world in search ¬†of penguins.So a little ice camping is good for the art.

We just pack the truck drive 90 minutes and get to see owls,bald eagles and beautiful flocks of noisy snow geese grazing on the flats.


I just document the photographer but we have found like minded folk to enjoy birding .

Steve’s images can be seen here:

Sammish Birding

Also Loren capture of me balancing over a plank (remember we were camping and I’m bundled up !)

Loren’s images

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