Gentle Sharing

WP_20160529_13_10_43_ProWith my Mum’s arrival in the studio she returned a piece she had started last year.

I have a small 6×4 beaded piece which sits in my studio- which I mention in a precious post regarding Zentangles. It was easy to grant her request for a piece of fabric and accessed some of the many beads she has donated to my space and let her have a go.Her hand stitching is currently better than mine but her eye-sight means she can only work in small batches.

In the last couple of weeks we have learnt that one of my husband’s photographic mentors has passed.We like to think he took the iconic pictures of Steve in front of the combine harvester on his Pallouse workshop with Art Wolfe.Steve has become the unpaid poster child for this course it appears regularly in photographic magazines.We all love this image but Steve learnt the magic phrase.”Good image but what does it mean ? ”

The description of this piece from Mum was that” this Deb in the heart of the Rockies with all the layers of the mountains around her”.Once we established that I’m in the heart of the cascades with a bit of a giggle we settle on this interpretation. This piece has returned back to England with her in a small purse I made for her.

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