Touch down

I’m back from my travels and many things have changed around me since I left.I’m pretty sure some of the experiences will come out in future art pieces.I have discovered new artists, met old friends, I walked the streets of Washington DC and New York at a critical point in history.

I’ll continue to work on the Just Breathe project but for now I’m working on a small ornament swap for a long standing swap buddy.While discussing swap options she disclosed that she had to leave all her historical ornaments when she fed an abuse relationship.

So I’m crafting a tiny tin of woodland creatures that I hope will stay with her for many years to come.20161118_215738528_ios

On a happier note I visited the Renwick Gallery with Hannah Marie Smith my tutor from  Pilchuck School of Glass and found this quote.With the shortening winter days I intend to seek comfort in all the below.Go Hawks.


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