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This is such a simple image but it has such a great story to tell.During our DC trip we went to the Textiles Museum on a very hot,humid Sunday afternoon .The museum was amazing and had cards for

The teen and I struggled back the 4 blocks to the Metro when we saw a street sign for the shop.I couldn’t resist and we were up the stairs in search of fiber to bind books as fast as our hot legs could make it.

Here I came across a wonderful site.In the front room three knitters,including a guy were hanging out .In the back room two girls were exploring a first knitting lesson.In the corner the women’s world-cup soccer final was in the last 15 minutes of play. I picked up needles and enjoyed some free-knitting while the teen behaved just like his Grandad at any Arsenal v Tottenham “friendly”.Some things are truly genetic !

The game went to extra time and bless the staff they closed 15 minutes before so we squeezed into the door way of the Sportsbar next door to watch the final moments of the penalty shoot out.Gary Neville’s name was eventually remember as I dropped off to sleep that night.

Thing’s with stories are definitely more fun-time to explore that bag of paper from DC

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