Pacific West Quilt Show

Wonderful day today spent surround by fabric,quilts and fabulous people !

Yes I did indulge a little but with purpose.

I brought the two small batiks on our trip to DC from a wonderful artist Owino Martin ( We talked about me wanting to make a fabric traveling journal for my trip and I thought his pieces would be be perfect for my folded book form.That said these have remained being pressed under my cutting mat since we got back.

We arrived at the show today and I quickly found Maendeleo ( I had promised to be very restrained but these batiks were just perfect to complete the project.

The fibers were from Janet ( thanks to her for the help and patience.Have to thank Karen for inviting me.

The other thing ┬árealize during many conversations is that I hadn’t linked the blog to my old Flickr feed

This originally was where put my gallery pictures pre-blog .Enjoy

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