Creating in clay

Yep it just had to be done!

Yesterday we had some young students join us for the tactile art class.We had fun !

6 pairs of hands one small space

My technical knowledge of clay is a pinch pot and a coiled pot.This was enough of a step off point for this small group.We explored surfaces,form and the muscle memory needed to create.

I also got to share my prototypes for the final show.All three classes that met them yesterday gave positive feedback.After I  did some very guerrilla art installing while a very high brow conference was in process at UW tower.

Quick visual confirmation of space for finals show


Coat hanger will go but I really needed to check the scale.The blue crew will go for the final installation they are just sizing tools. 12 white sentinels and 42 green themed guys each representing an article  of the children’s rights charter will be included.I have 18 pieces of hand painted,layered and stitched paper-cloth.Hardest part is cutting the first one up !

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