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Year in review

Baby quilts awaiting delivery

Surface design/book play

First crop – I explored growing our own summer vegetables in pots on the deck.Our salad bar was a huge success and this was our first crop of beans-the resident hummingbirds loved the heritage variety and they provided great screening/privacy from our neighbors.

Cover detail of a tool pocket created to hold a set of jewelry making tools which replaced a set which were stolen from an artist’s car while she visited her sick husband in hospital.

Dottee dolls created for an auction raising funds for Ladybug House proposed children hospice in Seattle area

Sample teenager for Baton Rouge project.Sadly this package was returned as contact didn’t pick it up from mailing office.So if anyone wants to pick up this project it’s all ready to go in the studio !

A variety of pieces from 2017 but thought I would share.I have also created a series of boro place mats which are still a work in process so there will be more in the future.I have just recieved my renewal for American Craft Council membership and look forward to reading the magazine and maybe funding my artistic voice this year.

And into 2017

Found the ruler.It was in it’s special place in the tool store I created that hangs down the side of the bookcase but turned at a 90 degree angle so it was hiding with a paint brush.

Yesterday was such a cool one.Yep it was -5c and we were out on the deck looking at the crescent moon,Mars and Venus in the snow.

We walked on Alki Beach in the morning and had lunch at Alki Cafe ( awesome spot). To full too go home we headed up I-90 to Snoqualmie Point Park.The park was full of young families sledging and enjoying themselves.We hiked ( i.e walked across the field to the overlook) it reminded me of Wantage Park.

There was a young couple in their thirties with a very old dog.A big old grey muzzled family friend with a beautiful Fish bandana. He was rolling around in the snow like a puppy eating great mouthfuls.Eventually they asked me to take a photo I was more than happy to capture this moment of family fun.

As I turned away I noticed these hand prints on the wall.They reminded of Steve and my Reinvent adventures in Las Vegas.We saw ancient hand prints on the canyon walls.So I added my hand print.Forget foot prints in the sand in Oxford I’ll be doing hand prints in Seattle this year.



Alaska Travels


Northwest Glacier

Alaska is amazing .I’m sitting in a coffee shop looking over Homer split .There are bald eagles flying over head and about 70 sea otters drifting around in the bay.We have had a great time in our RV a few adventures.The landscape is breath taking and I’m told we’ll be back ! We seen glaciers. wildlife and been waved at by humpback whales.Watched the sun go down at 11.15 pm and not seen darkness for 10 days.


WP_20150303_14_32_00_Pro (2)In January I  joined an online community called Crossposting.You get an address and you send the person a postcard.There are lots of specific requests but I really wanted to make fabric cards.This week I had a US address who would accept handmade cards.So after a little Pinterest research I had a method and worked out the supplies-which of course I had in my stash.Here is the result.

Today is also the birthday of two good friends one on the East Coast of US and the other in Japan so happy b’day to Sayaka and Marisol.

I’m skipping the 21 day challenge today.It’s Zentangles – been there done that and it’s just not my scene.Well in truth the small repetitive motions make my neck and arm ache.No Zen just pain.


I’ve just been looking at the site info and I have 98 registered users of the site.It’s quite obvious that some of these are computer generated but I would like to thank those that have registered.

Yes I’ve been quiet for a while and life has been a little tricky back the sun is now out and I very much enjoying watch my new garden emerge.

We have just about lost our view of Lake Washington as the trees have now fill out with leaves.This is a good thing as it makes me focus.Whenever I look at the bare trees I think of Henry Moore’s love a sketching them in Winter and wonder where I would start.


My tree representations-I have a poem that was written for me by Lo and will be expanding this series further. The root text for this piece is “Nature does not hurry,yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu. 32×20 inches