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Hand-made postcards

WP_20160811_12_56_33_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_48_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_59_ProI’ve been playing with these for a while and am currently having what I call a “finishing” session in the studio.It’s 8 years this weekend since we arrive in the US and 4 since we moved into the house.Julie and I painted the studio.

These cards are catchers of explored techniques and experimental .They will need mailing in envelopes I think to be callous.



I’m actually going to add this as a category to my blog.I really enjoy getting random mail from people.I takes me quite a long time to write the postcards and with out a spellchecker some of them get pretty random.This weeks batch to send included a gentlemen in The Netherlands that likes to make his own emboss and stitched card.So I made this card only to realize he had asked for natural landscapes.So for the first time in my postcrossing experience I’ve sent him two cards !