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Long Time NO Blog!

It’s been a busy couple of years since I attempted to play with my blog. Instagram and Facebook have been my play spaces. As I come to the end of the MA course, many essays have been written, and I’ve had the privilege of participating in producing international papers around peacebuilding. Finding a place for participatory art during the pandemic has been necessary. Moving forward, developing a participatory art practice is an area I hope to continue to explore, mainly focusing on developing well-being and community resilience.

I’ll update images and work over the next few weeks, as I have the privilege of facilitating sessions twice in November 2023. I’ll support a class exploring sustainable books form at The Fishbowl in Downtown Seattle on November 11th.

Later in the month, I will explore PNW torcs with the NorthWest Bead Society.

Calkin’s Collagists

The summer class has been amazing.I’ve reconnected with old work form and found a whole new support group.Larry Calkin’s has been our amazing instructor at Kirkland Arts Center.

I’ve joined Instagram and am finding this much easier than Twitter as it’s visually orientated.Gradually posting old and newer works.

I’ve had some interesting invitations over the summer but will hold them back until the final details are confirmed.

For our last formal collage class we created Robot collages ahead of Larry’s children workshops this ¬†weekend at SummerFest.Fred now peaks out onto my street from there where my metal working bench originally was positioned.I volunteered a few hours on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful time creating robots.

This week we quietly celebrated 10 years since arriving in the US.Time has gone by so fast and in a couple of weeks will be returning to our honeymoon Island,Mull and will celebrate 26 years of marriage while attending a family wedding.I am very much looking forward to spending time with extended family catching up and just walking on Calgary beach.

Kidsquest Success

Awesome evening.Great helpers.I I promised the stalkers I would post a paper-cloth how to so will play with that later in the week.

My biggest priority this week will be getting ready for an Artist Amongst Us sharing at BAM. This give me the opportunity to share my work and consider whether I should set up in business.

This year example.

Pilchuck Glass School

img_0296-2I’m just back from Pilchuck Glass School having taken a 4 day residency with Hannah Smith exploring.The class was small and very diverse.Probably my favorite time was Saturday night when we were all rocking out in the print shop.Peeps were on the computers making masks to sand-blast and printing our plates-team work all around.We had a print exchange and created prints to swap.I’m looking forward to finding a place for around our home.

I managed to squeeze  a limited print run with a blended brayer . I also picked the most amazing t-shirt from the store left over from session 2 of this summers classimg_0303-2


New skills

WP_20150530_16_15_03_Pro (2)

Gaps in my blog generally mean poor health.I managed to damage my vocal cords during our trip to Montreal and it’s taken a while to recover.

I’m currently supposed to be engaged in an art challenge ( currently 6 pages behind) and have just started a Crazy Quilt online Workshop through the embroidery guild.

I have long admired the skill in making crazy quilts but most of all I have never learnt the embroidery stitches that make these fantastic quilts.I’m also looking forward to sharing the skills with my nieces when the visit in the summer.

This is my first foundation quilt patch.I’ll be stitching at BAM this Friday with the Evergreen guild-any Eastsiders are welcome as it’s free Friday.

As I post so randomly I’m going to attempt to pin these post to my Essexdebs facebook page.I have a good friend who Blips and it seems to work so it’s worth a trial run




Art quiltIn my early days in Bellevue I volunteered at Kidsquest our local children’s museum.Due to it’s geography I still see staff frequently but we realized it had been a long time since I’d actually attended an event.

They are hosting their first ever Art-tastic Evening and I’ll be creating mini art quilts.Target group is 4-10 years old.I’m looking forward to seeing just what they create.

It was a really busy evening-great fun and lots of art created