Monthly Archives: January 2014

Catching the Muse

I’ve been involved in swapping crafts with like minded folk for a long while.Currently I’m waiting to be partnered in a Valentine’s Swap.Today was a really productive studio day for me.Many people talk about process and enjoying creating through careful planning and resource management.Today has not been on of those days.It was a day when I picked up a piece of paper-cloth that had been on my desk waiting for the right moment.
Papercloth Heart

Tactile Landscapes

Tactile landscape in accordion fold form One of the greatest differences in the living in the Pacific Northwest and England is the depth and size of the landscape.We have two mountain ranges, volcanoes , lakes and ever changing weather patterns that great a a dramatic and dynamic environment.

I was working in earth-toned blend-able paper-cloth and thinking about you could give a verbal and tactile description of  the landscape to a person of low vision.As I wanted this to be a portable project a book form seemed to lend itself well.

River Running detail


These pieces are currently on Exhibit until mid March at the East Shores Gallery in Bellevue.




Art quiltIn my early days in Bellevue I volunteered at Kidsquest our local children’s museum.Due to it’s geography I still see staff frequently but we realized it had been a long time since I’d actually attended an event.

They are hosting their first ever Art-tastic Evening and I’ll be creating mini art quilts.Target group is 4-10 years old.I’m looking forward to seeing just what they create.

It was a really busy evening-great fun and lots of art created


For a good while I have wanted to play with metal.Choosing to learn to braze and form metal in the winter in the icy Pacific North West.Anyway I joined Larry Calkin ( all round excellent sage) for a couple of days prior to  going to the UK for a month to visit my folks.Metal assemblage was fun and these are a couple of my favorite pieces.WP_20131102_001