Monthly Archives: January 2016

Winter Break

Sounds strange to some but winter can be a real challenge.

I’ve found since moving to the States that my winter blues are really helped by two things.The Kidsquest evening and helping to build a display garden for the Arboretum Foundation at the PNWGFS in downtown Seattle.Today I made contact with the new staff and will again be volunteering with the build and take-down.This years theme will be 100 years of the National Parks Service in the US- I’m promised moss will be involved.

I finally finished a sample piece for the Kidsquest event.These pieces seem so child like but actually enable me to talk about perspective,composition,the wildlife and landscape,as well as teaching sewing and in this case wiring techniques.


Christmas Books

I generally have a couple of books on my Christmas list.I find it stretches me technically and leads to new challenge plus it’s fun.

This years addition are Kristen Robinson’s and Ruth Rae Explore mixed media collage:Innovative Layering technique. Ruth Rae is a go to artist for me.I love her techniques.

Cas Holmes Stitch Stories is just breathtaking.From the tactile cover to the sharing of such an amazing group of artists work.I’m actually heading off to walking my local long walk to lay down the foundation of a stitched book while foundation fabrics dry.

Maybe this will be a year  of creating and sharing more.

I’ve volunteered at Kidsquest museum for a number of years.I love my annual session at the Artful evening. We never know quite what will happen but it’s always busy and fun-filled.

Ali contacted me and put together this really nice piece over the Christmas vacation.