Monthly Archives: February 2012


So why did I join the Fiber Arts class ? To expand my horizons and understand more may be.

No it was to write artists statement and conform to the norms of the “profession”.There is an “about” statement below.Anyone could take the time to read it.Instead we have to reinvent the wheel and discuss the conforms and influences of the Art society in the area.In the prescribed university speak.

For me making art is about exploring creating and enjoying a process.My life has been too full of other things at other times to allow for this constant introspection and conformity.If I choose not to engage then that is my conscious choice.Choice and balance are my keys.

If I’m available where a piece is displayed then ask, but if you don’t truly want to know just explore the object before you and enjoy a moment of quiet wondering.I see things at different times in my pieces and I’m sure others do too.

While I create something there are many dialogues some easier to understand than others that are very complex.Art doesn’t happen in a straight line in paragraphs, punctuation and text.It happens from  emotion and finding a place to stop when that moment is expressed.

As you can probably tell I personally don’t value artists statements as a tool.As I see attending the course as a way to expand my tool set I’m currently feeling a little conflicted.My current choice is to continue to engage in a process that I don’t feel comfortable with-such  familiar shoes to be wearing.The other option is withdraw from the course.

Time will definitely tell with this conundrum.