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Pedicure in Redmond/England 2 Canada 1

Bare Naked Ladies were in town this weekend and I was spoilt with tickets in Millionaires row .Jigging around singing “if I had a million dollars” in the fancy seats in Marymoor park is a sweet irony. Loved the Redmond Pedicure routine.

However they also dragged some ageing Brits Howard Jones ( so fit and sounded so good-also loved by fans) and OMD. Oh my gosh someone may not have been feeling good what a performance-true trooper.Great set .

BNL joked about their food work ( which I must source to share with Mrs Stanley) Music to encourage kids to eat their veggies. I would not ¬†worry about new stuff for someone who’s music is the sound track to my life all sort of synapses where tweaking. I’ve always said music is life’s blood.

Mr Howard Jones Mary Moor Park WA

Mr Howard Jones Mary Moor Park WA






I’m actually going to add this as a category to my blog.I really enjoy getting random mail from people.I takes me quite a long time to write the postcards and with out a spellchecker some of them get pretty random.This weeks batch to send included a gentlemen in The Netherlands that likes to make his own emboss and stitched card.So I made this card only to realize he had asked for natural landscapes.So for the first time in my postcrossing experience I’ve sent him two cards !


Driftwood sculpture

Driftwood sculpture featuring found fishing line

Driftwood sculpture featuring found fishing line

We have many hanging pieces around the house a memory from our previous rental that had great open beams.

This small hanging wooden piece features drift wood from a private beach ,glass beads from one of the many stores on Homer Spit road and found fishing line.

Abandoned fishing line is a huge problem in Alaska. Everywhere we went on beaches we found discarded lines.The beach in Homer also had the biggest number of dead birds I have come across.So I brought some home to make pieces to high-light this issue.

We recently went for an evening stroll at our local lake and found containers to encourage people to dispose of fishing line and hooks.A single but effective box seemed to solve the problem.


By the way sketching

WP_20160704_11_31_19_ProSince I have been journaling as we travel I have found new favorite techniques.I like to create small 6×4 watercolor books.This trip I took a small book of strathmore postcards.We have many supplies hanging around the house but I like to “borrow” hubby’s newton watercolors that he took to Nepal.He also has a nice set of water soluble graphite pencils which I have completely fallen for.I think my fav piece is this image for the hills above Seward-completed at a picnic table in front of the van.

New Supplies

So the vacation was fun and as ever I have been collecting along the way.Wet afternoons , fabric stores and beach side camping have meant much ephemera collecting.I’ll be making a couple of hangings and a new mermaid.Strangely I had a very weak moment in a quilt store and brought a Row by Row kit.One of the pieces was not to my taste so I brought a substitute piece.When we got back to the van and unwrapped it a beautiful triptych was revealed.I’ll probably work these pieces into a lap quilt.

WP_20160628_22_45_12_Pro (1)

Fishing hole Homer Spit Alaska including high glaciers

I also want to work on something around a braided river theme.We saw many of these coming from glaciers.I find these beautiful fascinating and ultimately really sad.Global warming means my grandchildren may not experience glaciers as we do so I’d like to capture something of their essence.

Back to the studio

Yep it’s back to the studio and this unfinished piece.Had a bit of a disaster with the gluing.I used a PVA designed for bookbinding and not my regular white glue or new wallpaper paste.It’s a tactile nightmare all rubbery and uncomfortable.Happily I brought a tiny amount of ¬†white fabric in Seward so I’ll back it and stitch over it.

I just need to work in the dragonfly and it will be set.WP_20160704_16_34_34_Pro WP_20160704_16_36_49_Pro WP_20160704_16_37_09_Pro