Monthly Archives: January 2013


Once in a while I’ll pull out an old piece of fabric from a worn out piece of clothing and create a new piece.

This doll is created from my favorite teaching shirt which eventually fell to pieces not long after we arrived in the US.On my desk yesterday I found a jar of gifted metal pieces and the spring nose was a starting.Somewhere in my mind is the suggestion that I make a 4 ft figure that I’ll be sharing in June and also the memory of visit Jan and Chris Hopkins Studios last week.May be this figure will be the start of that process.




Journal rebound

There’s something really cathartic about rebinding my journal.It’s a time to reflected ,celebrate and choose what is brought forward into new work.It’s been about 18 months since I last did this and it really feels like a fresh start.WP_003199

Swap Arrives

WP_003187One of the most interesting swaps that I particpiate in is the Destash swap.What one crafter no longer requires can be another’s treasure trove.It morning I received just such a box full of paper (rebound my journal),Buttons beads, washi tape,zippers,yarn and other crafty supplies to supplement my future creations

Fabric Memory Quilt

Some projects seem difficult to finish.Last year our tactile art group lost two members.To celebrate their lives we made canvas squares which would become a memory quilt to share with their families.

These remained in my studio for a couple of months until I could complete them.It turned out in the the end that I needed to work with another member of the group to find out how we could achieve this. Ezzie and I worked together to create two fiber bundles which she WP_003146has taken to share with the group.I’m very much looking forward to their reaction when we have an art travel to SAM next week.

A New Year

The New Year still sees me settling into our new home,routine and studio space.Enjoying making new family traditions and holding onto some older ones to.I managed to wear down my old laptop so have a new machine and Windows 8 to explore.

I’ll be travelling to Montreal in late March and am looking for some opportunities to make art while I’m visiting.I have an altered book class again this month.Hopefully we’ll have enough people to run it this time around.