Monthly Archives: April 2016

Gentle Strolling

It’s turned cold and grey again.

It’s still worth getting outside and catching up with all the flowers in bloom and seeing the distant lakes, the mountains are hidden in shroud of clouds.I hope to post an image of a banks that overcrowded with blue flowers.I think every neighbor has a different name for them but today I saw a hummingbird feeding on this patch.I saw it buzz in as I walked along and just paused until it had it’s fill.Moments like this are just precious .I am so lucky to be able to stroll slowly and enjoy them.I miss work and a busy complex life but watching a hummingbird just makes my day.Building my own garden to support such birds feels like a valid occupation.Time to reduce the buttercups ¬†and propagate some more of those blue flowers.

WP_20160427_10_36_01_Pro (2)

Happy Earth Day

Such a great day to celebrate.

I checked the new trees we’ve planted over the spring.Enjoyed the new blooms in the deck barrel.I’m working on some recycled cuffs which I’ll share more about later if the project comes together.There foundation are recycled jeans, plastic bottles and other end of life textiles.


Pilots and Memory quilts

Well I continued to struggle with Cas Holmes technique so I sat down after a session with my student and just mixed up the paste and added coffee and with no care to the pieces I just made a collage as a pilot.I like it very much and will continue to explore this technique.WP_20160324_10_30_45_Pro (2)

I have to add I have handstitched and machine embroidered more sections which are still awaiting assembly.Keep watching I’ll get there in the end.

Ohh and the memory quilt.This is just a really personal piece.The inchie queen just needed to flex her handstitching skill.This is also a great example of (a) how to present and (b) how not present your work.WP_20160331_10_59_48_Pro


Old Connections

WP_20160322_12_39_44_ProI have been exchanging letters with my old ward sister for the last 21 years since my son was born.These letters have become important in the years since we arrived in the US.Since I no longer work formally , just volunteer ,I miss professional contact .In her last letter she asked how I’d supported the young folks at the Artful evening evening.I had a few left over supplies that could be adapted to a flat pack card for mailing to the UK.So this card will be winging it’s way back to Oxford.