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New Class Fun

I overheard a conversation last week.”Teaching means I get to learn so much more”. I had a great time yesterday and am so looking forward to where we go.I love getting a group to write their own syllabus and going with flow.

Time to unpack and structure the next couple of classes.

See writing and teaching who would of thunk it Mr Smart.


So last summer during Nan’s amazing workshops I was introduced to Zentangles.As I’m want to do I made a few put the idea in my toolbox and carried on my exploring ,creating and enjoying.

Recently the term came up again and I had another bash at creating some.Hubby is working on black and white processing and so we have a number of eject prints on Lasal MOAB paper ( for his images)

I’ve been cutting up these and applying media-the surface is very smooth and as I like to recycle I thought this would be a good plan.

The black ATC’s were just an experiment ( a great way to play) During my time at the U “surface matters” and “material studies” were phrase that seem to have become planted seeds.

The white backed postcards are on Lasal. Left hand card is gold pen the different textures.Gloss, fiber paste and the same color just different hues.I wasn’t really sure that this was tangling but the application and texture did indeed take small meditative repetitive motions.The right hand tangle is an extension of that first piece.Metallic pen,Pitt pen then hand painted with metallic fluid acrylics.I didn’t like the flow on this.

Then I just had to do the full mixed media thing and go for the beaded version.I just took a 6×4 square of fleece created a tangle pattern on the machine and started to bead.

I’m hoping this will make a center piece for an altered book.Sometimes the egg comes before the chicken.

First tangle with note  "?cuff"

First tangle with note “?cuff”

WP_003264 WP_003265 WP_003270

Fabric book swap

This swap was along time in the creating.I started work on it last November and It has finally reached it’s destination so I can share just how it turned out.As ever this is picture heavy and does not include the three secret compartments which included vintage photos of recipient of the autographs.

We choose the theme of flowers in both hands as Lauren is particular interest in vintage ephemera I had to reach for images from Aunt Kathy’s autograph book.WP_002978 WP_002977 WP_002976 WP_002975

Fabric book

Fabric book


Fiber Fun

So I’m back from Bellevue Arts Museum.High Fiber diet artists day.

I really enjoy being around others who find individual ways of expressing themselves through fiber.

I thank Jan Hopkins for the “how to” keep slippery things still.Rock Hushka for his patience -I really could have sat and watched him embroider all day. Moxie was just amazing fiber into 3D. Finding Jo Hamilton’s Scottish accent was really fun not to mention her crocheting.I really enjoyed spending time with Patti King discussing precious fabric from distant shores.

I was sad not to be chosen to be included in the show but I really enjoyed myself today watching people learning new skills,artists sharing and mostly one very excited curator loving it all.


The Biscotti Collaboration


With collaboration  and friendship  connection  


Sabina Ward Harrison


These simple words are included within a book I received recently.”And the Story is Happening” is the first book I’ve ever picked up that I just wanted to start altering.Go to book store,order it from the library or check it out online but flick through it’s pages this book just sparked something for me.

I feel I have collaborated,swapped and encouraged people to explore,create and enjoy wherever the muse takes them.

There is a possibility of a  book collaboration will evolve to make this happen over the next year.

If you read this and are interested ask me about it in person or via email.



Altered Book Class

So I will be hosting another altered book class at Bellevue Art and Frame.

Time to share some journal pages in “The first deadly sin”

Altered pageThese pages include niches,surface additions and washes.

These techniques will be cover in class starting February 12th 10am-12.