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Studio time

I’ll be disappearing into the studio to work on a few larger pieces then off to Washington DC for the last leg of the FEAR tour so don’t expect many blog posts.I’m doing fine just need to focus on some coloring then I’m going to sculpt a book for the first time in years.Susan Wiggs book Just Breathe will be the focus of this piece.First I need to read the text which appears from the first pages to be about infertility and was published in 2008 the year I arrived in the US.

I’ve had this book in the garage in a stack for about a year and now after our Alaskan trip and a reading by Dominic C I feel ready to remake this form.I’m going to be Just Breathe and DO at the same time.20161027_201812073_ios

Landscape Brooch

I love buttons and have real trouble with letting them go.To this end I’m working on including them a little more in small pieces.We are expecting very windy weather locally.The light in the studio is beautiful between the heavy showers.I’m going to attempt a larger art quilt piece just hope the electricity holds-up.

1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

One ounce wonders

This week was my personal deadline for mailing Day of the Dead exchanges.I made mini banners and shrines for participants.Over the years I have researched Halloween ,Samrath and Dia de los muertos traditions.I highly recommend the Smithsonian website for information on this topic.I created these shrines and mailed a few yesterday.20161005_184128174_ios


20161003_181618569_iosThe previous post describes my little trip to Port Townsend.One of my favorite little haunts is Wynwoods Gallery and Bead studio.I found this little space needle charm hand cast from the original space needle charm bracelet by Lois Venarchick in Britannium.

Britannia metal (also called britannium or Britannia ware) is a pewter-type alloy favored for its silvery appearance and smooth surface. The composition is approximately and typically 92% tin, 6% antimony, and 2% copper.I had never heard of it before.I love learning new materials so we chatted about how she come to own a shop in Port Townsend and I should be so far from the Britannia.

The space needle charm makes a great addition to my long keyworking necklace.I’m currently deeply involved in research for docent duty tomorrow.The current exhibits include 49 artist representing Metalmorphosis the current biennial at Bellevue Arts Museum.


Four Ferry Day

Loving the bricks

Loving the bricks

Saturday was very special.I got to ride 4 short ferry hops and visit Port Townsend a Victorian little town that can be accessed on foot from the Couperville ferry.Just down the road from our regular short eared owl / marsh harrier spot.We had the company of a Bald Eagle sat in the marsh waiting out the squalls of our first fall winds on our return.

Port Townsend has a fantastic vibe even has it’s own Steampunk scene.There was a kinetic sculpture hat festival going on in the morning and some amazing sculptures passed us on our way into town.I love the combination of stores and vintage galleries where I can collect new bits and bobs.My best buy was 2 for a dollar vintage match boxes for my Day of the Dead pieces.

We found an honesty child’s wagon full of Victorian bottles on the street.In the early days people buried their rubbish in pits and some very enterprising local now digs them up and sells them for two dollars a go.I choose 2 iridescent and one advertising Bartell our local pharmacy.As a child we collected clay pipes from Pitsea an area that gets it’s name I always think as being down river from London on the Thames estuary.We rarely found similar glass bottles but rarely whole bottles.They are currently in the process of being cleaned and I’ll share when the process is complete.