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The back of my head !

So between the clay and prepping to go back to class tomorrow ( yes that much passion just has to be resolved !) I slipped into the Gauguin exhibit with my tactile art crew.

This is the clip that was recorded for the local news show.You don’t get to see me but that is the back of my head as we squeeze into the elevator.

Click for the video

SAM Gaugain

So looking forward to expanding these tours to new venues


Wow I have never seen so many surfaces- met so many fantastic people than over the past three days.

I had the pleasure of being the greeter for the NCECA last evening and be docent in the galleries at BAM today.Wonderful clay artists shared their work.For me new connections were made.Professors and their students experienced the gallery space.

Steffano asked me last night if I was have fun – the answer is yes !


Young Inspiration

I love visiting artists studios and doing so with my docent friends is particularly important to me.The beaming picture of me outside at Pilchuck last summer shows this perfectly.

I visited April Surgent and Ethan Stern last week and was thrilled that they are working artists on the Pilchuck Board to ensure the future development of this special place.The expertise shared there will ensure that the continuity of ancient arts and traditions will continue into the developing technologies of glass art

I have a beautiful image of a very talented textile artist just gently exploring an engraving in process but will just leave this as visual description as acknowledgement to the Artist’s space


I am a twitcher.For those of you that don’t understand I’ll explain.

I love birds because they survive and adapt to their environment.On rare occasions we may be privileged to share a moment in time with them.

This was my weekend sharing captured by my very talented hubby.


Trying to find away to be constructive in March is always a challenge .The usual weather doesn’t help either.We had snow 4 days in the last 8 days-yet the trees are still in bloom and spring seems so near. Actually it officially started yesterday but as ever someone forgot to inform the weather system over the Eastside.

Trying to kick start the creative muse I’ve set my self a wee challenge.A series of personal geographies .Started yesterday with a wee reflection of the snow covered side walk and the street below.6×4 to start with but I’m already exploring a bigger form.

The “buttons” were inspired by Nina Perkins tutorial .I adapted them as I have no enamel in my current supplies but that will change very soon.


Well time travels quickly.We have a current exhibit up at A+C supplies in the U district.I’ve seen the first Salmonberry flowers of the year at Ruby Beach.Watched a woodpecker snack on breakfast.Made it back to Bellevue and snow this morning.

That would be Mad March for you.