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Reflecting on 2016

I have to say I was staggered by George Micheal’s death on Christmas Day.

We all die it’s the natural order of things.

When David Bowie died I was sad that I had never seen him in concert but then I remembered I had seen him kneel in pray at Freddie Mercury’s memorial concert at the old Wembley Stadium.

I had purchased the allowed 6 tickets at 10 am on the morning they were released by 10.10 I had messenger-ed hubby we had tickets. We took my parents and a work colleague ( huge Queen Fan) plus hubby’s childhood climbing partner with whom he had attended Queen concerts pre our dating days.

On the day of the concert,we in good family fashion found ourselves early stood on the steps.Over the course of the afternoon various sounds were heard from inside the Stadium but my enduring memory is of George Micheal’s warm up of “Somebody to Love”.The crowd were joining in even though we couldn’t see George or the stage at this point.Singing in response is a powerful thing.

So I’ve attached this clip and my memory of George.Just a man of my generation who among others has past this year.

This year has been a challenge travelling,health issues and my aging parents but we have the memory of sharing this concert which was pretty amazing.

We talk alot in our family about making memories in essence it’s why i write this blog ┬áto connect with my youngest niece.Think it’s time to get into the studio find my metal ruler which is missing in the Christmas Chaos and finish Just Breathe with some good 80’s tunes.

On a much happier note I got a hug at the end of docent duty from a Grandma for helping her grandson with his art homework-kinda made my day.



A little Christmas color

4x4 "Little blue"

4×4 “Little blue”

It has been cold, icy and snowy but my studio heater is working and yesterday I sat down with blue and created this little blue mixed media piece.When I create I tend to gather different papers and use up all the watercolor to make unique papers.I keep all these scrap in little boxes for future collages.


The Traveller

I was once asked by Michael Cepress if I thought wearable jewelry could tell tales .

Here I go beads from Alaska,wire covered silk gifted from Kidsquest Haku Japanese. Linen yarn from a new yarn store The Nifty Knitter in Issaquah.

The Traveller

The Traveller 8×1 1/2-2 “

Great new yarn store in Gilman Village complete with man park and a piano. They even carry Rowan Denim yarn so I may yet get my 50th birthday wish to turn my stash of squares into a jacket.