Monthly Archives: April 2015

Guild time

I have never belonged to a guild.My mum belongs to one in the UK and after visiting them on my last trip to the UK. I thought I might try out my local chapter.I had fun on Wednesday and this morning I’m heading off to BAM for a morning of public stitching.

I’d started to make cross stitch in my early twenties.I was trying to find something to take along I reached into the top of a cupboard in the studio and opened a cloth bag.


Someone said aperture

Wow Daniel Smith really pulled the cat out of the bag today.I went to an excellent lunch time session by

We covered lots on how to document or “digitizing your art” interesting content and as ever a fascinating audience.

I met Kate of at the check out  .We chatted about is not where my talents lay but I was interested in the mending of costumes at Port Nisqually that I can do with confidence.