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The back of my head !

So between the clay and prepping to go back to class tomorrow ( yes that much passion just has to be resolved !) I slipped into the Gauguin exhibit with my tactile art crew.

This is the clip that was recorded for the local news show.You don’t get to see me but that is the back of my head as we squeeze into the elevator.

Click for the video

SAM Gaugain

So looking forward to expanding these tours to new venues

Found a friend !

Found Ginny’s piece on a Saturday morning drive through Seattle ! Brightened up my Saturday-Yes that’s Seattle and it’s sunny.Hubby was driving and got a long look from pedestrian as I got all excited, squeaking about Ginny’s pictures on her wall.

Best thing is I’ve discovered I can print images ATC sized .That opens a whole next opportunity and finally an excuse to explore our printer paper stash ( yes I have one of those too)

Why we do

This morning was a unique occasion the chance to visit the home of an inspirational couple.The docent family shared their home and art.One of our new graduates Katie explained that this was the most important part of being a docent and gallery duty was just an extra bonus.That and the gentle arm stroke from an honor docent who simply said “glad you decided to stay around” made my day.

Thought I’d share the flowers in my deck garden and flowers in my crafting space.Must be summer time.

Missing Link

I was sure I’d posted this but it seems not.

This is one of my early quilts in the current series and the quilt that gave me the confident to work with the visually impaired to share art.
Today found us again at Seattle Art Museum were the wonderful Access docent group supported us in a tour of Nick Cave’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.
As ever these great docents added that extra dimension to the Art that makes it so rewarding for visitors.
I was way too indulgent in Pike Place Market after but we’ll see more of that later.

Special thanks to Kimberley of for her pieces of tumbled glass we’re going to have fun with those.

I dyslexia <3

2nd post and it kicks in !
The image is from Art Appreciation not apprehension. Just those 3 or 4 letters in the middle make all the different !

I could just stick to images or let peeps correct the spelling?