Monthly Archives: October 2011

Finding old creations

I can’t believe that it is two years since I created a series of three dimensional teaching puppets for the Environmental Science Centre at Burien.Last Sunday saw the grand opening of their facility at Seahurst Park.
I had hoped that my puppets were still in use and was pleased to find my gently used chiton (sea woodlouse),mussel and clam on display to be handled and enjoyed.

Magazine Published

I found a copy this lunch time and there it is my real name under my piece.I remember the struggle to decide which title to use.

Images are soft but such is life never thought they would be this significant.

Published !!!!!

So I just flicked through Cloth,Paper,Scissors and found my piece on the P82 halfway down the Christmas tree (see B&W and all round).Rt hand girl is on the promotion page.

Looking forward to seeing the publication.

Guest Artist :)

Yesterday saw me drive myself to the U district and I was the guest artist at our tactile art class.New faces and old friends made this a really fun day.The three cards below provided the basis for relaxation making new friends and just generally hanging out.

Off to meet the Prof

It seems such a strange but exciting thing to be doing.Back in my nursing days Prof’s round were the times when the nurses were in full control and shepherded the team around the children’s ward in Oxford.Hoping the children and parents would behave themselves.
Who would of thought that 25 years later I’d be going to meet a Professor of Fiber Arts at University of Washington to discuss my work.The campus reminds me so much of Oxford architecture and the feel of learning, deep thought and growth are such that I have to pinch myself that the Isis and Port Meadow are not on it’s boundaries.

This class assignment involves creating fabric from found objects one material and one fastener/adhesive.Needs to be flexible in one plane.Thinking about there meaning and communicating these.The final part is to make 2 yards of one the the four samples we create.