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Happy Birthday WordPress and The Porch

By the people for the people has to be congratulated.

Anyway back in the quiet winter days of my blog I gained two new trees for my yard.They had spent the winter as Wishing Trees at the Bellevue Arts Museum.Many people had left positive thoughts on them and rumor has it that the tags went to Yoko for an installation she was creating in Iceland.The trees were nick named John And Yoko.This was not anthropomorphic but a way to identify which trees need attention in the yard.

John did not fair too well (spring wind got to him but with the addition of so bark a few weeks ago is making a good recovery and making leaves.

Everyone seems to need to get to Iceland these days including Seattle artist Mandy Greer and my good friend H.

Upon Mandy’s return she learnt that her proposal to celebrate BAM’s 60th anniversary arch has been accepted.

So I have opened up my porch for community crafty creations and hope to make enough pieces to connect John and Yoko.

The creations will have to be tree wraps to bring with as the deer and local birds could be at risk.

All this needs to be complete but June 30th.So share the word and join the fun.




London 1924

Click on the blue text to run video.

I was born in this city and this is a stunning piece of footage.My Grandad worked in the docks and would have been 10 when this was filmed.My Dad drove a bus and later a London Cab.We spent many hours just walking along the Thames and people watching.


I’ve just been looking at the site info and I have 98 registered users of the site.It’s quite obvious that some of these are computer generated but I would like to thank those that have registered.

Yes I’ve been quiet for a while and life has been a little tricky back the sun is now out and I very much enjoying watch my new garden emerge.

We have just about lost our view of Lake Washington as the trees have now fill out with leaves.This is a good thing as it makes me focus.Whenever I look at the bare trees I think of Henry Moore’s love a sketching them in Winter and wonder where I would start.


My tree representations-I have a poem that was written for me by Lo and will be expanding this series further. The root text for this piece is “Nature does not hurry,yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu. 32×20 inches