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The Gathering

Fall is upon us and for some that means Birthdays, Halloween ,Holidays.

It is a busy time and a fun one to.Special hand made projects for friends and and family which for me as a state side peep means planning and above all supplies. Yes I said it the guilty secret of any mixed media artist-stuff.

I love sari silk ,ever since my first trip back to the UK in 2009.I use it in my book making( the Road to wealth) and fabric ( tree dress).This week I found a wonderful store in Anacortes WA.I’d been making paper-cloth the day before and this is the stash I indulged in. Yesterday I went to the thrift store for fabric and bead finding. I was also on the look out for Nude lyria as Mandy Greer has moved onto her Italy project.So this evening for community I’ll be joining a car load to cut out feathers and watching others eating  pizza.




Got to love them.

These software developers have to send us new challenges.Today the rain and a desire to get some images up for sharing means I’m back watching the red breasted nuthatch feeding on the deck while gesso dries in the studio. Windows 8 is a progression for some ,I know how hard the team worked at it, change is a challenge and I like things to work the way I can access them the best.After all I still tie bows the way I was taught as a child.

Anyway back to the gesso in the studio comment.I have a book I play in kind of a warm up space.Not my journal this is somewhere to explore surface design and techniques.No rules no rhyme just a space-“the first deadly sin”.Early in the summer Drew at A+ C supplies in Seattle helped me select some so hand craving tools.This is my first print block love the way it fell with the text of the old book .

My first experiment in woodblock craving. Really enjoyed the way this fell into the book text.

Old barn and more experiments

One of the new thing I like about our space is just that-space.

I like to be untidy especially in the place that I create.Finding stacks of discarded printed images from hubby’s experiments give me a fresh group of subjects for my muse.

I equally dislike trashing really expensive metallic prints which are not up ” to scratch”. I’m pretty sure this is a start of a Christmas series of postcards for this year but ever ‘The deadliest sin” is a place to explore opportunities. I hand made the stencils with my favorite set of alphabet punches.Metallic image over gesso


This is Kim’s new companion WP_20130717_003 There is very much a tend to “put a bird” on just about any thing that is arty these days and I have no idea how this little one came to be in my stash.Safe to say it worked really well with this piece. One of the things I’ve always had in mind is creating small resting spaces for  my critters,books  and divas.To this end I’m really excited to be going to a workshop with Rick Araluce in October. His creations are just inspirational but I know i’m really rubbish at chippy work so I hope he’ll be patient !