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Manhattan Spring 2019

After a spring that has seem me traveling to and my beau going round the world we met up in New York for a few days.He had been on a photographic trip and one of the focuses was to work on portrait photography.As the photographer’s wife I am the worst subject !

Studio work continues on the road-images over on instagram.Watching my grandson growing has made me focus back on my conservation work as a young adult.Attending the preview of “The Wild” and the current #NoPebble Mine movement lead me to want to return to active docent status.Connecting with the public to share artists work is a privilege and fun. I hope to support my local community in this experience.Carrying out research for new shows every 4 – 6 month’s keeps my brain active, makes memories and connections with fellow docents. Elements are also added to my own visual storytelling.

I have just complete my first online art course with Roxanne Stout Evans hosted by Jeanne Olivier.Along with my studies last summer with Larry Calkin’s I’m enjoying exploring my studio supplies and trying new techniques.My local and international community of artist continues to grow.

For Summer I will be in the PNW and I very much looking forward to a road trip down Highway 101 in September My work may be exhibited here and possibly in Canada waiting to have details confirmed currently.

New Adventures

The New Year brings the opportunity to develop skills.I will be going on retreat for the first time with a group to explore seed beading techniques.I have been experimenting with peyote stitch for around a year which will be included in a series of necklaces.I collected many beads and found objects during my travels and hope to continue to explore with these objects.I have joined the seed bead society so am looking forward to meeting and meeting new members.

In the run up to Christmas I attended my first Oddball Convention at Bellevue College.So many talented artists.I was looking for a personal handmade project for my parents to take back for my nieces and nephew and adapted an article about making boro brush holders when I “found” some oilcloth which had been in my stash.This seemed to be a more practical application as ever I now have extra “unfinished objects” in my studio space.

Small series of oil cloth brush holder.Screen prints patches by

Inspiration and a small surprise

We have a new exhibit at Bellevue Arts Museum .A touring exhibit called Cut Up Cut Out. It covers just about ever media that can be cut to convey an artist message.There are around 50 artists and 100 pieces of art to tour.

I find this work inspiring along with that of many others and an looking forward to touring this exhibit.

This morning I attended my volunteer orientation for Bellevue City so I can now officially volunteer in the perennial border along with volunteers.On Thursday mornings I’ll be weeding and socialising in this beautiful garden environment.I feel like I have more to learn about gardening here the longer I work my yard so this is a great learning opportunity


This morning the most famous Pacific North West Garden Cisco popped by to visit.Gardening royalty in the PNW !



My yard is full of Forget-me -nots.I have been looking for a pattern of knitted flowers to include in my art quilts for many years.Within a stash of knitting magazines which I rehomed for a friend and found the perfect instructions.

Stash Busting

I have long admired the ancient Egyptian culture.I have a childhood memory of getting lost at the Tutankhamen exhibit in London.I was looking for a project for my Tuesday beading group and out an old kit.

With a little help from my friends we made these Royal Plume Earrings.

American Craft Council

I have been privileged to be invited to join the American Craft Council.I have to do a little research into how this will impact my practice but feel honored to be invited.

I am currently working on a pair of sister quilts for the author of my artist statement and her long term colleague volunteer coordinator at Kidsquest. One is completed but the other is proving to be a challenge.I will keep at it and hope to be accepting of the resulting quilt.I always find it a change to balance pushing technique and abandoning a project.

We have planned out the year and I have a month long trip to the UK and 3 week vacation in Hawaii to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Landscape Brooch

I love buttons and have real trouble with letting them go.To this end I’m working on including them a little more in small pieces.We are expecting very windy weather locally.The light in the studio is beautiful between the heavy showers.I’m going to attempt a larger art quilt piece just hope the electricity holds-up.

1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

Hand-made postcards

WP_20160811_12_56_33_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_48_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_59_ProI’ve been playing with these for a while and am currently having what I call a “finishing” session in the studio.It’s 8 years this weekend since we arrive in the US and 4 since we moved into the house.Julie and I painted the studio.

These cards are catchers of explored techniques and experimental .They will need mailing in envelopes I think to be callous.


Time to scribe

Sometimes when I write I feel just like I’m talking to the wall.I saw the play the Italian Straw Hat with Tom Conti as the lead, way back in the day.My first ever vodka at lunch time ┬áled me to heckle Tom.It was a lovely matinee all the better for that tiny tipple.

So as I type listening to Jools Holland bang away on Alexa I’m reminded of just how hard it is.My body chemistry is undergoing a change which is just so hard.Anyway I’ll take advantage of the energy while being mindful of the Mania.

Still working on the Row by Row piece it’s coming along if slowly but I have all to complete it.

Yes those are Spencer -Wells ( no pun intended) I use clamps when I work wire.

Yes those are Spencer -Wells ( no pun intended) I use clamps when I work wire.Always have and always will.