Monthly Archives: June 2015

Crazy quilt progress

Technology is being challenge currently so I’m going to share the progress of my crazy quilt square here.


I’ve secured the cigarette silk image and have given it a beaded border.I transferred the piece to a Evertite system.So far I prefer the hoop but I’ll keep going and see how things develop when I start hand stitching.

I’ve done some couching with gold thread using marked tape.A technique I would highly recommend for random people like me.I have know idea just how detailed stitching was done in a uniform manner in poor lighting conditions.Crazy quilting is a real learning experience.


Though the embroidery guild I was invited to join Spaceneedlers a group who are about to celebrate 25th anniversary as stitchers creating together in the Pacific North West

The first stitch we engaged last night was a review of the french knot-my Nemesis.So today I’m just going to head into the studio and do some good old fashion practice. I did better at the more complex stitches so once I’ve contained all fabric and ribbon to the studio the hand work will begin.

Well it didn’t go too well -my poor technique resulted in one perfect rose and a bunch of unique creations. I’ve painted up some waste canvas so I can try out techniques in alpine flowers which will probably end up as bookmarks-they’ll hopefully be too dimensional for postcards.