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WP_20160812_10_57_27_ProSounds strange but summer is short in the Mountains.It’s hit the hot days. We’re past August the 15th so some a thinking of returning to school.My walk this morning was beautiful.We have a day of transients. TYM is pulling his late in his new job.Hubby is two days out from a huge release.I have a Ground Girl Friend visiting on a standard Tuesday but I hope to cope.

Best of all I can crunch through the Alder leaves that I have fallen from the trees as I get to the house.



Calder and Moore

WP_20160811_13_17_00_Pro WP_20160812_11_22_07_ProSomewhere in my brain I’ve been thinking about extending the UP series .To be a group of wired Mer-people.So here are a couple of starters.I’m kind of sketching in 3D with these figures.Learning as I go along about armature ,weight and portions.


Hand-made postcards

WP_20160811_12_56_33_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_48_Pro WP_20160811_12_56_59_ProI’ve been playing with these for a while and am currently having what I call a “finishing” session in the studio.It’s 8 years this weekend since we arrive in the US and 4 since we moved into the house.Julie and I painted the studio.

These cards are catchers of explored techniques and experimental .They will need mailing in envelopes I think to be callous.


Cali Days

Yep we’ve just had our first foggy morning.Today is going to be hot around 80’s.I’m not a heat fan so I’ll be sewing in the cool light of my studio.I’m working on the Row by Row piece.Beading the border is fun but slow about an inch and a half per sitting.

We discussed how long to sew for for when I was in class at the UW. I chatted to Mum about it yesterday ( yes she’s doing much better) We concluded its’ not speed but the enjoyment of adding the stitches to a piece.So over the course of the day I’ll be embroidering Eagles and crows along the top border of this piece.

Braided River boundary.Attachment every 3 beads black silk over wire 3 strand.

Braided River boundary.Attachment every 3 beads black silk over wire 3 strand.

Time to scribe

Sometimes when I write I feel just like I’m talking to the wall.I saw the play the Italian Straw Hat with Tom Conti as the lead, way back in the day.My first ever vodka at lunch time ┬áled me to heckle Tom.It was a lovely matinee all the better for that tiny tipple.

So as I type listening to Jools Holland bang away on Alexa I’m reminded of just how hard it is.My body chemistry is undergoing a change which is just so hard.Anyway I’ll take advantage of the energy while being mindful of the Mania.

Still working on the Row by Row piece it’s coming along if slowly but I have all to complete it.

Yes those are Spencer -Wells ( no pun intended) I use clamps when I work wire.

Yes those are Spencer -Wells ( no pun intended) I use clamps when I work wire.Always have and always will.



Seafair 2016

Found at the car sho

This would tour Sunrise Rd


Yes another Blip in the road has taken me off line for two weeks.I have new meds and keeping the same doctors so hopefully the balance will be back.

This weekend was awesome.The old man and I went to Seafair on Saturday.Sat in the cheap seats and enjoyed the show with the crowd.Sad event for the pilots as they had lost their captain earlier in the season but they did him proud and the Young Master got to see the Hogs -A10’s while we worked our way though the buses to get back home for dinner.

Sunday we all slept-ed back up to Sourdough ridge.Yes it rained but no lightening this time.Just heavy mist and light showers.Burger for the boy and rice cakes for the grown -ups.