Monthly Archives: July 2011

Idle play

I’ve been requested to create an altered journal as part of a swap.This is a fun.It expands my knowledge of working with different products,papers and surfaces.It also takes time as the pages need to dry.

Idle hands will play so I found out an old part altered board book.More pictures when the recipients have their new treasures.

Art on my sleeve

Well cuff actually

I’ve been wearing this cuff for about a month now.Create from worn out jeans,inchie leftovers and a bit of thread from a patchwork project.One button, a scrunchie hair tie combined- I have a unique and cooling piece of wearable art.

Ginny sculpture celebration

Today was the celebration of this sculpture being shared with the people of Seattle.I saw the drawing in my visit to Ginny’s studio and home earlier this year.7yrs in the making this moving sculpture downtown makes a great statement about Seattle.

I was 2 miles away creating tactile art

East to West

DC was amazing.Fantastic city.Will drip pics and experiences over the next few weeks-it will take that long.
The most amazing news was that I’ve been accepted to study fiber art at the University of Washington in the fall.
For now this is my fav image From DC.

Old Friend New Place

I’m in Washington DC !
I gave an interview this week and talked about story-telling art.Today we explored DC and what was the first thing we came upon-a Moore sculpture.

I’m amazed to be in DC and even more pleased to see my favourite sculptor.Here’s a more traditional view tourists and cranes so strangely  like another city

Found a friend !

Found Ginny’s piece on a Saturday morning drive through Seattle ! Brightened up my Saturday-Yes that’s Seattle and it’s sunny.Hubby was driving and got a long look from pedestrian as I got all excited, squeaking about Ginny’s pictures on her wall.

Best thing is I’ve discovered I can print images ATC sized .That opens a whole next opportunity and finally an excuse to explore our printer paper stash ( yes I have one of those too)

10 cents fun

Not temperature but book sales !
Today the teen needed airing.While I’m trying to make black and white christmas ornaments for submitting to a crafty mag-where do I end up but at the library.They were having a 10 cents end of the month sale.

This iMy first ever altered book.Text reads “I woman common”The book is a history of William andThe bottom shelf had old bound copies of Punch magazine.There was Jan-June 1967. This

This was my first big altered book project my “I” book .The Punch book covers  a significant time frame for me as I was born during this period.As with all altered books Punch sits in a special cubby waiting for the muse to be so that I have to alter them.I’ll dip into the text and try to understand the cartoons some are timeless, others need decoding for political and social context. Book trawling  probably the slowest part of the art I make but as most of the books are over 40 yrs old it seems fitting.