Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Year New Teacher

So nice to be back in class.We’d had a heads up re our first assignment.50 collages in two weeks but the plus two 14×14 collages was a surprise.I’m up to 37 in the first three days so I’m going to back off a bit to extend the fun.

The key is being organized ,sounds easy but for me it takes focus.I’m used to making book pages and wanted to do an altered page swap this year so have just applied those principles to the task at have.Art quilting experience has helped too.

This is the first batch of 20.

The stack

I am going to be more selective with my choice for the next 13 off to choose the foundation images not just free flow.

New Places

I get very little feedback from this blog- something to work on in the New Year I think.So I’ve decided to be brave and create Essex Debs on Facebook.In a way this feels like coming out.Accepting that I value the art I make and a place to share collaborations and projects in a fast and at times dirty manner.

So friends forgive the spam and choose which feed you want to follow.Newbies just send a request.Looking forward to connecting.

New Year Old traditions

So Happy New Year  !

It’s over for another year all the pressure, excitement and experiences of one year have roll silently or not so silently into a New Year.

Our family tradition has always been to escape the indoors and embrace the outside.For us that’s a beach.We had heard that there are Arctic Snowy Owls in the area and headed out yesterday to explore in the hope of seeing one.

We hiked along a very windswept shore and popped our heads above the grass horizon.There sat on the ground a big white owl .After seeing the barred owl earlier in the year there was no question this was a wol.There were 5 owls in total over a 200ft square area-a parliament of  owls.

We spent a very windy but wonderful hour watching the owls until the light finally faded and it was time to head back.

In celebration of these beautiful birds and the new year I created this small nest.