The tree pics

This installation will become part of Mandy Greer's arch at the Bellevue Arts Fair

John and Yoko two wishing trees from Yoko Ono’s installation last winter at BAM.I first thought to connect the trees but am now aware we have young deer,racoons and birds in the area  so will wrap the tree rather than catch the wildlife.

Hoping to finish more sections while on docent duty at BAM today.

2 thoughts on “The tree pics

  1. E.

    :* Thank you for a lovely read. As always, I find anything you touch immensely inspiring. And today … I’m just very glad I decided to look up your blog before bedtime. You remind me of the world out there, and how all of our worlds are intertwined. And the beauty it results in. Thank you, and goodnight. You’ll find some words in the mail from me shortly! All the best, E.


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