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Not crafting in a straight line

Earth Day Inchies Swap-Chin up Liz

So this weekend found me in Eastern Washington over the other side of the Cascades in the warm Walla Walla sun.

Perfect weekend for crafting, relaxing and eating amazing home-cooked food.I created two summer dresses for the young lady of the house.Free-knitted up my naughty supplies from Pike while the household slept in on Saturday morning into a small purse.The  inspiration can from the magazine I purchased on Thursday “Haute Handbags”.

We played with vintage crocheted dollies to make clutch bags.A nice way to remember a great Grandma.

Then I used all my dress making skills to create a a linen summer print tote and a couple of grocery bags.I left the house with one cut out next to the sewing machine for our host.Apologies to the rest of the household that all the crafting bins had been out and explored !

The Pink

So this is the pink jewelry quilt I made last Friday.Again this is a combined piece Flowermouse create the pink square and the fuzzy rectangle is my own. The fabrics were gift and recycled.

Missing Link

I was sure I’d posted this but it seems not.

This is one of my early quilts in the current series and the quilt that gave me the confident to work with the visually impaired to share art.
Today found us again at Seattle Art Museum were the wonderful Access docent group supported us in a tour of Nick Cave’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.
As ever these great docents added that extra dimension to the Art that makes it so rewarding for visitors.
I was way too indulgent in Pike Place Market after but we’ll see more of that later.

Special thanks to Kimberley of for her pieces of tumbled glass we’re going to have fun with those.

Think Pink !

Can’t share this yet as it goes in the mail tomorrow but I made a totally pink jewelery quilt on Friday.
Great fun but i learnt that Seam to fuse is tough to work through by hand not an experience I’ll repeat.
Saturday was spent watch hummingbirds fledging at Nisqually Nature Reserve.
More pictures can be found here on Hubby’s website

Composition 2

Didn’t take long to add a couple of accents.Flowermouse’s squares and flowers,dragonfly found in parking lot (oops car park !).I’m sure that yellow button came via my Mum from Aunty Judy and SeaTac.The red square was knitted on triangular knitting needles which are very comfortable to use.Best of all the green sari silk I brought back from the UK at Christmas.

Time to plug a first for me.When I went to the UK at Christmas “Barleylands” kept being mentioned.Eventually on my second to last day we visit.It was amazing Craft Arena run by Denise Gannon( stocks all the mixed media fibres and supplies I could hope for.Basildon finally has a crafting centre to be proud of.I had been looking for sari silk on the West coast of the US but here to was in deepest darkest Essex.


So I swap creations all over the world and this little lady went to my friend E in Norway as thank you for the crochet pieces in Fantasy.I’m going to rest from female forms for a while (don’t ask why I never make guys-probably because I have enough real ones in my daily life)
Off to play with owl forms for the day 🙂

Finally able to post !

This is Flowermouse’s swap and I posted it here as I really liked making the Art quilt.i have been exploring using Lutradur as a fibre.This was the first a many experiments.I used white gesso to paint the squares.Then applied metallic water colour. pencils,damped with brush to release colour.Blasting with a heat glue to achieve different effects.