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No name

This critter has been hanging around the house for a while and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing.The google eyes are fun and will probably appear on the next few creations.WP_20150125_10_59_18_Pro

Inchies revisited

I have been described this week as the Inchie queen by one of the members of the online community The Extraordinary League of Crafters.One way to make a girls day.This batch was made for our New Year swap.Upper batch are paper ( grocery bags a personal favorite-thift store stamps,wax crayons and a hybrid ink stamp) The” Take a Chance” stamp was a purchased for a class project back in the day.A nice link to the fabric inchies is that the blue flowers are from my fav teaching blouse.More layers of meaning.Have to confess I’ve been musing around making fabric handstitched inchies for a while.It was nice to have the opportunity to make these for Laura my swap partner especially as we negotiated to make them 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch just lets them be a bit more juicy.

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WP_20150109_16_01_23_Pro (2)



WP_20150113_11_35_18_ProThese pieces were created for the Art-tastic at Kidsquest Museum.Hubby captured a great image of   J-pod last summer.I’m not a hundred percent happy with this quilt but hopefully it will be a talking point.

It has been a long while since I made a tapestry woven piece but this worked nicely for a 6 x 4 demo piece.
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The New Year brings new habits. I hope to share more creations and blog more often. I’ve joined which is an online forum for exchanging postcards with random members across the world.I enjoy snail mail so this should be a fun endeavor.

I will be the “local artist” at Kidsquest Art-astic Evening in January and I am currently working on a series of ocean themed mini-quilts.Last year we enjoyed many weekends with the crew of Island Adventures in the Puget Sound.One afternoon we were surrounded by a pod of over 200 white sided pacific dolphins.It was an amazing sight.I had these dolphins in my stash from a swap with Monique.The two work as a great memory quilt for me.