Monthly Archives: June 2011

Why we do

This morning was a unique occasion the chance to visit the home of an inspirational couple.The docent family shared their home and art.One of our new graduates Katie explained that this was the most important part of being a docent and gallery duty was just an extra bonus.That and the gentle arm stroke from an honor docent who simply said “glad you decided to stay around” made my day.

Thought I’d share the flowers in my deck garden and flowers in my crafting space.Must be summer time.


When we arrived in the US I brought a sock monster making book in my carry on.Knowing that I would be separated from my crafting supplies for at least 4 months these seemed like a good crafting option.

This weekend my brief was to create a stuffed animal and my partners request was a cow.I’ve been thinking about this project for about a week and in the end came down to exploring my sock stash.

For now this is a teaser of Jersey who just danced to the British national anthem as Jenson Button won the Canadian GP.Great job guys.

Schools out for summer !

Why so quiet ? Just been too busy.Sharing was fun but exhausting.Letting others see your work is tough enough without having your table next to a featured artist in the museum who has just joined the docent body !
Leading the tactile art class yesterday was inspiring as ever.Getting the email regarding three boxes of glass lids and could I use them was even more fun.
I like to make recycled yard art.This baffle was found on Fay Bainbridge State park beach.It was a hazard to marine mammals so I removed it and used it last year to grow salads.A couple of weeks ago I read an article about succulent wall art pieces.We found some succulents and so I’ve been playing- mud pies with the teen but more of that after Father’s Day !