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Inchies influence

So I’ve been hosting a Inchies swap for about a year now and these pages probably show that influence the most.I’m also getting interested in tactial surfaces as I currently am enjoying creating art by being an assistant to a group of visually impaired artists.We have lots of fun.The group stretch and stimulate me and this is showing in my work.

Street Party

The thing I miss about community events in England is the community.Today there was a Rock in the Park event in Wantage, the town I left from to adventure in the US.Yes I was very tired when I wonder if the Queen Mum would be at the wedding and thanks to Ian for informing us that she’d be 107 !

Where does the time go ?

Awesome weekend

Just back from Olympic pennisular.Stayed a Kalaloch lodge would highly recommend as excellent location for beach walks and access to the area.Visited the Hoh Rainforest and had the privilege of sharing the Hall of Moss with Art Wolfe.
The Barred Owl was beautiful.Sunning itself in the glade.It became attentive to the under growth mantled .Popped it’s head up to give a full view of the rodent that was to be it’s afternoon snack.Moved, pooped and then Art got busy teaching just how to take pictures of this beautiful bird.
Douglas squirrels were foraging for pine cones in the undergrowth then perching on moss covered logs in the deep shade.
There was a brief bald eagle fly by.Turned out we had seen the end of their mating dive.

Black is not a color

So we were discussing color in class and one boy said “black is not a color”.Four months on I’m still coming back to this statement.
This book is made of papercloth embellished with vintage,gifted and handmade beads.Bound with hand-dyed floss from a happygram.

The tag is hidden in the folds of the book to be a secret message as to it’s components creators.

Flowers will bloom

Today’s art class Gallery

We have only one more project to go and I have really enjoy seeing the classes creativity this was upcycled/recycled papercraft.Papers by my CO+K friends.Backing came in my new suitcase .Stickers were gifted.

We have a fantastic resource in an overhead camera which is hooked to the white board.This enables the students to see my hands as I create so butterfly making technique was a breeze.

We also had lots of Mums monitoring which made a huge different
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