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Sky Church

I have no idea who made this name but I will forever be grateful to Mr Allen and his family for all that they do keep the beat alive.

I will spend a while pulling out some of the moments of this weekend but safe to say I’m happy,grounded and have so many more stories to tell.

As ever the bartender makes the most difference to any girls day.Thank you.


So Wednesday sees me walking in the mall I catch up with “The Hive Mind”.This wonderful group of women have been my source of knowledge, companionship and at times very loud laughter.

Today a frequent face stopped by to give us some encouragement.Mickey is 92 and walks every week as she has done for many years.Her advice to me I was doing the right thing walking,talking and running errands.

This wonderful insight and listening to John the post clerk telling me just how wonderful it was to hear Macca in the intimate setting of Safeco field reinforced that I do live here now.That and my son passing his drive test on the wrong side of the road.

Hot in the Evergreen State

WP_20130626_010People think of Seattle as a grey place but in really the climate is much like London.

July means the Artsfair in Bellevue. An annual event which has happened for the last 67 years.Fair opens on Friday.I’ll be up at 6.30 on Thursday to help be load in assistant.I’ll be greeting the early artists and being a friendly face.I’ll also be around at load out on Sunday.In between times I be giving tours at the museum.

I bumped into Mandy Greer and her partner Paul today cheerfully saying they will be working 5am to 5pm to finish their installation.Now that what I call team work.


So what does I mean for me to be retired.I’m not longer in clinical practice but I still have all my nursing skills and the pleasure of watching people and places grow,develop and survive.

I’m happy to do this with Grumpy and Lumpy the most.This Is one of the perfect ways I Like to spend a Sunday afternoon at this time of year.Chauffeured to 6,700 ft for a 20 minutes stroll to enjoy the Alpine Meadows at Sunrise with this view.

Sourdough Trail




30 Days with a difference.

A long while back I did a 30 days of crafting experiment.I learn to make things in series from that.For this 30 day challenge I’m going to kick this website.A post every day.Sometimes it may be just an image, sometimes a reflection,maybe a sketch book piece.

Blogging take me ages. The dyslexia really emerges when I’m trying to get ideas down,journaling works better as phonics just don’t matter quite(unedited quiet) so much.Pictures always say more than words.Music always put the whole thing together-hence I’ll add music clips as well.

So that’s the plan and off we go……..

For E

Hello to all and E most especially.

Yes it’s been a while but now it’s time to write again.Time changes us all and gets away so fast.It’s sometimes just hard to catch a breath and breathe.So what new treasures do I have a share.This is my completed Zentangle-people have been asking if it ever got completed.The large fused bead where created by my talented Mum.

A fun piece to create know idea where it’s going but sometimes you just have to explore.


For Jill

For Jill