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Happygram Teaser

For a long while I’ve participated in Happygrams through a website called Cut Out and Keep. Happygrams are small packages of craftyness aimed at brightening someone’s day. I also currently host the Vet V Newbie Swap.We currently have a Postcard Swap which is open to all.

Happygram Teaser

Fabric book complete

Polymer clay house created

Polymer clay house created

Yep it’s taken about 6 months but I’ve finally completed this project. I learnt a great deal about composition.Hand sewing tricks.I also used a lot of swap items.Flowers of both yarn and metal.

P1030613 (2) P1030611 P1030610 P1030609

Studio Flags


I was recently asked to create a set of studio flags.I enjoyed using some thrift store findings and English lace gifted from an Aunt.I went for a shaggy chic look.







Swap awaiting packaging for Tara.I always take a photo in case of failed delivery.

Swap awaiting packaging for Tara.I always take a photo in case of failed delivery.

Recently I’ve got back into swapping after a break.I was asked to make a mermaid and enjoyed making this critter very much.She now lives with Tara in her curio cabinet.

Collaborative work

I have shared my studio space with my Mum for the the last six weeks.My health has been a challenge so we had many long hours to fill.Betty is very talented and at 75 still plays a very active role in promoting handcrafts in my nieces school.This time she brought the challenges set by her embroidery guild.

We traded techniques,findings and ideas.The upper sample celebrates learning a new technique exploring solvy ,lots of fine handwork and beading.

The lower piece is titled Memories including a tree to celebrate planting over 300 trees in her life time.Inspired by my tree dress. Solvy and lots of hand-sewing later

Memories including a celebration of planting over 300 trees