Monthly Archives: November 2011


So things change-life’s balance alters with the seasons.Fall to winter is always a time of reflection.
Currently I’m focusing on altering a copy of “The Road to Wealth” for my final.There is something quite therapeutic about craving a deep enclose and peeling out advise on managing material wealth.

That creative curve again

So how did I suddenly decided to embark on the “Betty does NC” project well it just modular really.

That two simple sets of inchies and try to communicate meaning.

That need to collaborate and create a fun project around the most challenging time of the year for someone who lives many miles from their family.

The desire to produce “material evidence” of family connections.

Breaking the mold

So I think for the first time ever this week Iwas told to take my homework and  do it over again. As ever this raised my emotion and my sketchbook now contains a new project in response.

Today to complete my homework brief for this week I took the whole family plus my parents to the Nordic Heritage museum in Ballard.It was the last day of the the 2011 Nordic Fashion Biennale.

Aftur piece just took my imagination to a place were I am going to complete that long dreamed Nick Cave/Aftur piece.