Monthly Archives: August 2017

Keeping On Keeping On

Well the summer is nearly over but I have one last adventure up my sleeve.Something I never ever thought I would do.

As a young child I was bullied but the TV never judged me.I hid in many TV programs.Blue Peter was a fav.Music was always important in my life. One of my favorite orchestra pieces was the theme to Hawaii 5-0.

Next Monday I will be flying into the Big Island with my Hubby to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Professionally I’ve just completed the FEMA training as a Community Emergncy Responder.I’ll be working with my neighbor home owners to impliment ( mitigation) an action plan. Google CERT and you can find details of the national program.

I’ve also sketched a plan for an International Palliative Care Conference in Seattle.America is in the infancy of learning this model and Oxford has a lot to give with the expertise of staff at Helen House.

F1 Salad bowl