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New word

Yesterday I hosted my last Art Appreciation class with the group for this current year.Such fun to make serapes and see the class practice dancing.I will miss them and all the focus that they given me over the past year. I do have a signed photo including all their signatures -pretty cool for 1st graders.Thanks to all the Mums who have helped in the class over the year.I hope that this talented group continue to explore their art.

Birding by Ear

This morning there was anunusual bird song in our hedge.I’ve just spent 10 minutes trying to track it down.Eventually after being still and using my eyes I caught a movement.A baby Junco fledging on the back rail begging from it Father.Will post an image of a Junco as my UK lot will have no idea what it is-one more bird species I’ve learned.

A full life

So this is the closing page of Fantasy.I printed Aunty Katies poem onto fabric and used part of the page.This is the poem text.

Fantasy K   M

I wandered along the pathway

Far from  my little grey house

Far from the things I loved

I wanted to roam.

I wanted to see what it felt like

To be by myself

With a land of Strange things around me

So I crept forward with stealth.

I left my garden of sunshine

Where my favourite flowers grew

The flowers I tended daily

And I wondered if they knew.

I wondered if I’d been dreaming

When I bade them farewell

For they all seemed to talk plainly

Though usually tis hard to tell.

They seem to say “we will miss you’

But we understand why you go

And I turned away for it must be me

I loved them all so.

I prayed to the dew & the sunshine,

To tend my garden well

And the snow and the frost to keep it from harm

When winter fell.

I trundled along the pathway

To my land of strange things

They sparkled in the sunshine,

And beckon me in.

I went because I’d no money,

And imagined myself awfully poor

I knew when I reached the city of wealth,

I’d want for money no more.

But through money came quiet easily

My wealth was diminishing fast

For I found when inside the city

The glitter did not last.

Though money past through my fingers,

Hundreds of pounds a day,

Yet my interest lie in my little rough spot,

A thousand miles away.

I dreamed of my garden of sunshine,

When asleep in my city of glare,

I fancied it all choked with weeds,

Because it was needing my care.

So I gave back my gold to the land of strange things.

And away from those pavements I hastened my steps.

Nor did I take note of the voice that called,

From the city of gaudy glitter.

I hastened my steps to my garden

Once more my flowers to tend.

And never again

For money or fame

Will I my small plot exchange


The gift of words

So for me writing that makes sense is always a challenge.For this reason anyone who can write poetry I really respect and admire.
I’ve mentioned Happygrams before and yesterday received this beautiful poem and orb web spider created by Lo.I’m currently creating a mixed media forest setting so have been making tree bark.I burnt rather too large of a hole in the charring process so can now make this a focal point using Lo’s spider.It adds another story to the piece which in time I will share.

One More

The view is a huge inspiration on my art.From my desk at the time I made this piece I had this view.Things change and now I craft in a different area of the house so the view now includes a large tree but is no less stunning.

Next page

So I started to experiment with hand dyeing fabric a while back.I don’t do this very often and tend to hoard the fabric produced.The left hand page is one experiment and has E’s crochet flowers from Norway.The right hand page is pure play and I like it.