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There’s a hole in my bucket Day 12

So this turned into a combination page.The hole in my bucket holds 5 prompt slips waiting for the next 5 quotes that I will instantly forget but want to use.I have a habit of not wanting to throw expensive paint away so sometimes just paint  backgrounds and choose them to work on later.This page was a happy experiment with new paints.WP_20150316_16_35_23_Pro (2)


Map It

WP_20150316_16_55_12_Pro (2)This should have been so easy but ended up in a very different place.I had lived near the Thames all my life before my arrival in the US  and planned to put in all the significant places in the city of London on the map.I head off for my morning walk-the hellebore’s are at their peak and daffodils are breaking out .These reminded me of Kelmscott House the home of William Morris the founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement.Spring days always remind me of walking the Thames so that’s how this page found it’s conclusion.

I left the line of text “She looks so healthy” highlighted because the Thames is indeed a much healthier river system than when I was young.

Mark Making

I collect all sorts of lids and have been  making circles with them I also like to use bubble wrap .I have some nice new iridescent paints so this was just a play session really.This page could get more juicy but I’m 4 days behind and feeling the pressure.I’ll probably revisit this page at some stage.



Photo transfer

WP_20150313_11_41_26_Pro (2)This is something I really need to work on.I had an image left from the creation of the Orca art quilt.Only about half of the image transferred well as it was a pretty splashing scene I think it works.

Favorite book

WP_20150310_17_33_52_ProWell I hope this challenge gets a bit easier.Today was a total washout but I did get to play with so new paints and learned to remember to test if pens are waterproof.Then you have to remember that nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.


WP_20150306_16_17_28_Pro (2)So hard to get my head around this one as I’m really not one to share my own image.I used a partial selfie from my cell phone.I really liked the skin tones which led me to a small box of pastels previous gift from hubby and a medium we both like. I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm so sketching and using the text worked well.Also I was 48 yesterday couldn’t have fallen on a better page




WP_20150306_16_17_08_Pro (2)So I’ve struggled so far in this challenge to show handwriting but today it’s present-even my bad spelling ! Looks like I have gremlins hopefully they will be fixed soon-gremlins fixed 🙂